Kate Middleton's surprising food confession to 109-year-old royal fan

The Princess of Wales revealed she 'loves' eating the protein-packed food during her visit to a Slough nursing home on Pancake Tuesday

Kate Middleton's surprising food confession to 109-year-old royal fan
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Kate Middleton revealed one of her favorite foods to eat during a visit to a Slough care home on Pancake Tuesday, shortly after bonding with a 109-year-old royal fan over their shared star sign. 

Kate Middleton has revealed one of her favorite foods is kidneys, much to the surprise of royal fans. 

The Princess of Wales made the revelation during a visit to the Oxford House Nursing Home yesterday. The 41-year-old traveled to the Slough care center to meet with its residents and hardworking staff on Shrove Tuesday, shortly before joining a pancake-making workshop in honor of the special occasion. 

Kate's participation in the culinary lesson went down a storm with her hosts after she managed to destroy one of her pancakes with her less-than-impressive flipping skills. The princess's batter became stuck to the frying pan at one point, prompting her to rely on a spatula to break it up. 

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"I'm sorry," she told the two people who were facilitating the activity. "I really haven't done you justice." 

Kate also took time to chat individually with the nursing home's residents, one of whom was 109-year-old Nora. The pair bonded over both being Capricorns, with the princess's birthday (January 9) falling just two days after Nora's. 

Kate also asked Nora what her favorite food was, to which the centenarian replied, "Kidneys and Brussels sprouts." 

"Oh, kidneys!" the royal exclaimed. "I love kidneys too!" 


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It's no secret that Kate Middleton's diet is crucial for fuelling her exercise regime, which reportedly includes an intensive schedule of HIIT workouts and plenty of strength training. The mother of three is said to prioritize eating high-protein foods to ensure muscle recovery, so it should come as no surprise that beef kidney, which contains the rare amino acid L-ergothioneine, is a favorite on her meal plan. 

Kate also received a tour of the Slough nursing home's premises, which includes an award-winning garden, and participated in a game of interactive football on a sensory machine that had been purchased during the COVID-19 pandemic to alleviate boredom. 

Never one to disappoint in the style department, Kate wore a navy and gold outfit for her Pancake Tuesday outing with a stunning camel coat. The gorgeous ensemble comes just one day after she attended the BAFTA awards 2023, where she once again wowed royal fans in a recycled Alexander McQueen dress and black gloves. 

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