Kate Middleton's impromptu meet and greet demonstrates she's a 'credit' to the Royal Family in super down-to-earth video

Following a royal engagement in Bath, the Princess delighted fans by breaking protocol and taking part in an impromptu meet and greet

 Kate Middleton's impromptu meet and greet
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Kate Middleton's impromptu meet and greet delighted royal fans as the Princess spared a few seconds to chat with some schoolchildren who were excited to meet the real-life Princess.

On Tuesday, the Princess of Wales visited Bath and visited Dame Kelly Holmes Trust. While attending this engagement, Kate Middleton opened up about the royal role she never expected and how she 'fell in love' with Prince William. Fans loved this openness from the Princess, but it was her behavior after the engagement that really caught the attention of fans. 

An online video has surfaced and shows that after wrapping up her royal engagement, the Princess and her team were rushing to get her on the train back to London. Although they were all moving quickly down the platform, the Princess spotted a group of schoolchildren all staring at her as she walked towards them.

The Princess then made the decision - despite the rush - to stop for a moment and make their day with a conversation.

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In the video, Catherine can be heard saying, "Where are you going?" The group replied "Warminster" and Kate said, "Oh have a fun school trip, what are you learning about?" The group responded, "Trains and orienteering," Kate was then rushed away but waved and seemed to say "Have fun!"

Although the interaction wasn't long, and the Princess was clearly in a rush, this was clearly an exciting moment for the students and teachers who causally met the future Queen while waiting for a train.

Fans absolutely adored this interaction and many took to social media to compliment the Princess. "She's just a kind soul. Even though she rushing for a train connection, but stops to bring a smile to some school children who wanted to say hello," said one fan.

Catherine once again a breath of fresh air, and as usual taking the time to engage with people," said another. "A lovely video of HRH The Princess of Wales, how she must have made their day, I know it certainly would have made mine," said yet another.

Some even suggested that this brief video encapsulates why the Princess is such a popular member of the Royal Family and why she is a 'credit' to the monarchy. "Brilliant example of why she is a credit to the UK and our Royal family," said one commenter.

Kate Middleton

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For this visit to Bath, Kate Middleton's bright yellow LK Bennett blazer added the perfect pop of color to her all-white outfit. This has become a go-to look for the Princess when she needs to amp up a casual look and add an extra level of sophistication and splash of color to a monochrome look.

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