Kate Middleton has real-life Cinderella moment and Prince William is the perfect gentleman

Kate Middleton had a real-life Cinderella moment as the Prince and Princess of Wales attended an important engagement in Scarborough

Kate Middleton has real-life Cinderella moment
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The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton had a real-life Cinderella moment when she and Prince William attended a royal engagement in Scarborough. 

The Princess of Wales had a Cinderella moment in Scarborough on Thursday as she almost lost a shoe as she walked over thick mud. 

The Princess, who was wearing a pair of beige stilettos to match her monochrome outfit, was bending to greet fans by a fence. When she stood up to walk away, the thin heels seemed to sink into the mud and Kate had to carefully take large strides so that she didn't lose a shoe.

Thankfully, the Princess managed to keep both of her shoes firmly on her feet and didn't have to leave the event with just one shoe on her foot - much like her fellow Princess, Cinderella. 


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Prince William has been known to be on hand to help Catherine whenever she has had a shoe mishap, and at this event he made sure to act like a perfect gentleman. Although he couldn't help his wife out of the grass, as he himself was greeting fans, he ensured to protect his wife's dignity by not saying anything about the possible mishap or drawing attention to it. 

Previously in 2013, Kate's heel became stuck in a grate during a St Patrick's Day event. The Prince was on hand to help and Kate held onto his arm while she freed her shoe.

Kate Middleton

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Since 2013, the Princess has clearly become more adept at dealing with any potential wardrobe malfunction or stiletto-related issues, as her shoe did not leave her foot, and apart from a few awkward steps, Catherine styled out the incident perfectly.

The event in Scarborough marked a big change for the royal couple as they actively announced raising money for charity. Typically the royals use their titles but do not actively discuss the money they've helped to raise. However, it was announced during the visit, that they had helped to facilitate £345,000 worth of funding from donors for the charity supporting young people's mental health. This was later highlighted in an Instagram caption from the royals.

During the event, Kate Middleton borrowed style tips from Meghan Markle in an immaculate color block outfit with retro roll-neck and Demellier handbag. Her Royal Highness also wore some bargain accessories to pull the look together. Kate Middleton wore £1.50 earrings from her favorite high-street jewelry brand Accessorize, which perfectly complemented the all-beige outfit.

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