Kate Middleton gives her poppy away to little boy in heartwarming moment on royal outing

Kate Middleton gave her poppy away during a royal engagement in Uxbridge as she had an adorable conversation with a young royal fan

Kate Middleton gave her poppy away
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In an adorable moment on Wednesday, November 9, Kate Middleton gave her poppy away to a little boy, as the Princess had an adorable conversation with some young children.

Catherine, the Princess of Wales, attended an event in Uxbridge on November 9. While at this event, the Princess had an adorable conversation with a little boy who asked Catherine what her name was and the significance of her remembrance poppy.

Sky News Royal Correspondent, Rhiannon Mills, posted a video of the sweet interaction as three-year-old Akeen met the Princess of Wales.

"My name is Catherine," said the Princess pointing to herself. "OK," replied Akeen as the Princess added, "It's very nice to meet you, have you got a poppy?" To this, Akeen responded, "No I haven't found one," as he reached out to touch the poppy pinned to Kate's lapel. 

Kate then held the little boy's hand as she said, "Yes it's very famous, Would you like mine? You can have my poppy. Shall I see if I can get it out?"

"Do you know what this is for?" said Kate as she turned the sweet interaction into an educational moment. "It’s remembering all the soldiers who died in the war. There you go, that’s for you. You'll look after it? Yeah?" Catherine then asked for Akeen's 'mummy' or teacher and gave Akeen's mother Liberty the pin that held the poppy to her coat, rather than giving the young boy a sharp pin. 

The caption of the video posted on Twitter read, "It’s not everyday you get a poppy from a Princess Akeem who’s 3 was very chatty when Kate unexpectedly stopped to say hello at a maternity mental health visit so she gave him her remembrance poppy. Thanks Liberty from Colham Manor primary and Akeem’s mum for letting me share."

Fans loved this adorable video and many took to comment that they loved this interaction. "This is so precious and heartwarming," said one commenter. "The way his little hand is placed on top of hers when they’re chatting," said another who loved how naturally the Princess reacted to the little boy's tactile approach.

"Such a simple easy thing to give to the child. She never hesitated, but simply gave it to him. Speaks volumes about our Princess of Wales," said one fan complimenting the future Queen.

Another joked, "Oh bless him, he doesn't care a jot that he has just met the future Queen, he just wants her poppy."

Kate Middleton

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Speaking about the visit on social media, a post from the Prince and Princess of Wales revealed that this was Kate's first visit to the Alliance. "A wonderful first visit with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance this morning, seeing its work and the benefit a holistic approach brings to so many mothers and families."

The post continued, "Spending some time with new mothers, understanding more about their experiences of mental health and how integrated services are making a real difference in the community."

Many of the Princess' solo engagements have been focused on motherhood, social care for children, and childbirth. It appears that Catherine has continued to support charities with causes close to her heart as she continues to earn the fan-given nickname The Children's Princess. This title echoes the name given to the former Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, who was fondly called The People's Princess.

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