Kate Middleton complimented a royal fan on her hair in the sweetest way

Kate Middleton complimented a royal fan at a recent royal engagement and fans are loving the kind comment from the Princess

Kate Middleton complimented a royal fan at a recent royal engagement and fans are loving the king comment from the Princess
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Kate Middleton complimented a royal fan that had come to greet the Prince and Princess of Wales while they attended an important royal engagement in Scarborough.

Princess Catherine attended a royal engagement recently in Scarborough with her husband Prince William. While at this event, the couple made time to chat with some of the royal fans who made the effort to come out and see the couple. 

While chatting to fans Kate Middleton promised 'I'm not going to steal your crisps!' as she chatted with a young child who was delighted to meet a real-life princess.

According to the Daily Mail, in another sweet interaction, one royal fan told the Princess that she missed an important event so that she could meet the Princess. "I've missed my hair appointment to see you," said one woman in the crowd with a smile.

With a quick apology, Catherine quickly said, "Ah sorry," she then kindly complimented the fan and added, "it looks wonderful anyway."

Kate Middleton

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While at this event, Kate had a real-life Cinderella moment as the Princess almost lost her shoe in a particularly thick patch of mud and dirt. Thankfully Catherine remained composed and the heel did not leave the Princess' foot.

During this event, fans also loved the future Queen's look and saw a similar style emerging between Kate and another member of the Royal Family. Kate Middleton took style tips from Meghan Markle in an immaculate color block beige outfit which featured a retro roll-neck and a DeMellier handbag.

Kate Middleton

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The event in Scarborough marked a change for the royal couple as they actively announced raising money for charity. It was announced during the visit, that they had helped to facilitate £345,000 worth of funding from donors for the charity supporting young people's mental health.

This was highlighted in an Instagram caption from the royals which read, "So so pleased to announce £345,000 of funding from The Royal Foundation and @tworidingscf, leaving a lasting legacy of support for young people's mental health here in Scarborough."

Following this joint event, Prince William and Princess Kate have been snapped separately at engagements. On Saturday, November 5, Princess Catherine was met with applause as she brightened up a rainy day in an Alexander McQueen coat. This was Kate's first appearance as patron of the Rugby Football League, at England’s Rugby League World Cup quarter-final clash against Papua New Guinea.

Similarly, Prince William had a solo engagement as he took part in an honest chat about mental health with England football stars Harry Kane and Declan Rice. During this chat, Prince William said 'disappointment is a part of life.' This was a new discussion organized by Copa90 and the Royal Foundation and allowed fans to see a different and more vulnerable side of the Prince of Wales.

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