How William and Kate’s ‘imprisoned’ lifestyle at Kensington Palace may have inspired Windsor move

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hope to give their children more 'freedom' by leaving the London residence, according to a royal insider

William and Kate’s ‘imprisoned’ lifestyle at Kensington Palace may have inspired Windsor move
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Prince William and Kate Middleton's restrictive environment at Kensington Palace may have inspired their rumored move to Windsor, a royal insider has claimed. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are like 'prisoners' at Kensington Palace and will enjoy more 'freedom' once they move to Windsor, a royal insider has claimed. 

It has been widely speculated that Prince William and Kate Middleton are to leave London for good this summer, in the hopes of giving their three children a more normal upbringing outside of the spotlight. The royal couple, who have lived in the UK's bustling capital since 2012, is expected to relocate to a property on the Queen's sprawling estate in Berkshire after the school term ends in July. 

The exciting change will allow Prince George (8), Princess Charlotte (7), and three-year-old Prince Louis to spend more time with their great-grandmother, who permanently moved to Windsor Castle in March 2022 after shielding at the Berkshire residence for much of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kate's millionaire parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, also live nearby in the affluent village of Bucklebury. 


Kensington Palace

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A royal expert has now revealed that William and Kate are hoping the move to Windsor will give their children "the freedom they didn't have at Kensington Palace."

Speaking on the Royal Beat, Majesty's editor-in-chief, Ingrid Seward, went on to explain some of the unlikely downsides of living at the swanky London address. 

"I remember Harry saying to a friend of mine that Catherine was almost a prisoner at Kensington Palace, and I thought don't be ridiculous, it’s the most gorgeous place to live in London!" she recalled. "Then I thought, in a way they are prisoners, they have a beautiful house and garden but beyond that garden are hundreds of people every day and massive security." 

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Prince Harry reportedly told Ingrid Seward's friend that Kate is like a 'prisoner' at Kensington Palace

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Situated smack-bang in Hyde Park, Kensington Palace is a magnet for tourism and foot traffic - which means security at the residence has to be watertight. It's been reported that the Cambridges' home at Apartment 1A even has a panic room and an escape tunnel, to ensure that the royal couple and their three kids can quickly make it to safety in case of emergencies. 

Seward added that Kate Middleton's freedom at Kensington Palace has been even more restricted than the late Princess of Wales, due to the higher prevalence of phone cameras and the arrival of social media. 

"Catherine can't walk in the park like Diana used to, as times have changed. The only place to go is a field where the helicopters land, so you are very imprisoned. Everyone knows what you’re doing and where you are.”

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