How do Brits feel about the Royal Family as the coronation nears? It’s not great news for King Charles, but some royals have reason to celebrate

The King’s popularity is surpassed by many of his family members – but who’s the most popular?

A new poll shows how Brits feel about the royals as the coronation looms
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While something like a historic coronation might have previously galvanised a nation behind their figurehead, the outlook isn’t as positive for King Charles. While his coronation is mere weeks away, a new nationwide poll of his subjects in the United Kingdom show that he’s considerably less popular than his son, daughter-in-law and sister.

He will soon be crowned with one of the most valuable and rare coronets the world has ever seen, but King Charles continues to be usurped in terms of popular opinion.

With the King’s coronation weeks away – taking place on May 6 with celebrations including a concert headlined by Katy Perry and Lionel Richie following throughout the weekend – YouGov polled Brits on how they feel about the monarchy.

The results are… mixed for the King.

The King has seen his popularity rise, but he is still behind many of his family members

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While the majority of the country still supports having a monarchy – with 61% choosing to continue having a monarchy compared to 24% wanting them replaced with an elected Head of State – the King himself had some wins and some losses.

His popularity has actually gone up a percentile since the last YouGov poll on the royals, with 63% now looking at him favorably. And what’s more, those who looked upon him with a negative outlook has dropped by three percent, to 26%.

Not bad polling!

But he’s completely dethroned by his own son, Prince William.

William and Catherine are two of the most popular royals

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The newly minted Prince of Wales polled the highest out of the family, with 72% looking upon him with a positive impression.

Just 18% hold a negative feeling towards William, down three percent from the last poll.

Catherine, the Princess of Wales, isn’t far behind her husband. 70% of those polled have a positive impression and only 15% have a negative feeling.

Following close behind the Wales’ is the hardest-working royal, Princess Anne.

Princess Anne continues to be one of the most popular royals

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Stalwart, reliable and steady, she’s always one of the most popular – and indeed 70% hold a positive impression with just 13% feeling negatively.

The best news for the King, though, is that his vision for a streamlined monarchy appears to be working.

Those who he has appointed to important roles following the death of the Queen have begun to soar in popularity.

Charles is now famously leaning more on unsung heroes like Prince Edward and Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh.

Prince Edward has gained the most popularity since the last poll, rising four points to 58% positive and just 21% negative. And since 2022, Sophie has gone from around 37% to 44%.

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