First lady Dr. Jill Biden bonds with Kate Middleton on important topic

Two powerful women!

Kate Middleton and Jill Biden in Cornwall
Kate Middleton and Jill Biden bond over early childhood education
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Kate Middleton and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden have bonded over their passion for childhood education. 

Kate Middleton and Dr. Jill Biden were a vision in pink on Friday as the pair bonded over their shared passion for childhood education.

The Duchess of Cambridge and US First Lady took a joint trip to see children aged four and five at the Connor Downs Academy near Camborne as part of the wider G7 activity in Cornwall this weekend.

The ladies—both looking powerful in pink—believe better education is needed for our young children following the covid-19 pandemic. 

Kate Middleton and Jill Biden in Cornwall

Kate Middleton and Jill Biden visit a school in Cornwall 

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Early years development is a topic Kate has been passionate about since becoming a mother. And now she's joined forces with former teacher of over 30 years, Jill Biden—wife of US President Joe Biden—to talk further on the topic.

In a joint opinion piece published for CNN, the pair said a "fundamental shift" was needed in both the UK and US' approach to education, in which "early childhood care and education should be seen as among the defining, strategic issues of our time."

It added, "As we look to a post-pandemic future, there are few issues more worthy of our attention than the transformative power of early childhood care and education for our communities and nations."

Although it was the first time the Duchess and Dr. Jill have met, it looked as though the women got on like a house on fire. 

And it's just as well as the classroom they visited were "scared to death" for their arrival, so the women had to put on a welcoming show in order to relax the children. 

The head of school told reporters, "The kids are quite aware of who's coming and obviously incredibly excited in the way that a 4 of 5 year old can be."

When greeted by silence upon entering the classroom, the first lady joked, "They've scared to death. It's the quietest class I've ever been to!"

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