Duchess Camilla's fashion accessory that shows she's ready to be Queen

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has been spotted wearing this unique fashion accessory that shows she's ready to rule say experts

Duchess Camilla's fashion accessory
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Duchess Camilla's fashion accessory has caught the attention of fashion experts who claim that the Duchess' wardrobe decisions indicate that she is ready to be Queen.

At recent royal engagements, Duchess Camilla has been spotted wearing expensive brooches on her lapels. This is of course a trademark look of the Queen and some experts think that Camilla's choice to wear brooches is symbolic of her getting ready to take on more power when she ascends to the throne.

Marketing Manager at jewellerybox, Daena Borrowman, spoke to Express about Camilla’s brooches and why this accessory is significant on the Duchess.

Daena said, “More and more, Camilla Parker Bowles can be seen wearing brooches at events and outings." 

“Brooches can often be associated with age and maturity. So it could be assumed that Camilla is trying to emphasize this new stage of life she is entering as a more senior royal and mature woman and mirror that of the Queen."

"Along with this, she is keenly aware that in the upcoming stage of her life she will be known as the Princess or Queen Consort to the King of England."

“Therefore [she] could very well be preparing for her future role and representing royal fashion traditions in the correct way."

“It’s no secret that the royals are constantly under training for their upcoming roles and one would assume this includes everything from protocol to clothing,” she concluded.


(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo / Contributor / Getty Images)

As she is married to Prince Charles who is heir apparent and next in the royal line of succession, Camilla is going to be Queen or Princess consort at some point.

Kate Middleton is also preparing to rule at some point as her husband Prince William will ascend to the throne when his father Prince Charles dies.

In recent months, the Duchess of Cambridge has also been spotted wearing brooches more frequently at royal engagements.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at Sandringham Church on December 25, 2015

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When Prince Charles takes to the throne, he will become the King, and traditionally his wife Camilla should become Queen.

However, Clarence House released a statement explaining the plan for Camilla’s future title in 2020. It read, “The intention is for the Duchess to be known as Princess Consort when the Prince accedes to the throne." 

It is unknown why this decision has been made to deny the Duchess this royal title, but there has been some dispute in the royal family about Camilla's future title. Princess Anne has claimed 'Camilla will never be a true queen' and has argued that because of her reputation with the British public, she will never truly earn the respect she needs to be Queen. 

Prince Harry could influence Camilla's royal title when his father ascends to the throne, but until Her Majesty the Queen passes, it is unclear exactly what the Duchess of Cornwall's role will be as the wife of a King.

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