Countess of Wessex makes a heartbreaking confession about Royal Family's grief in new interview

Countess of Wessex says the death of the Duke of Edinburgh ‘has left a giant-sized hole in our lives’ in recent interview

Countess of Wessex
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The Countess of Wessex has opened up about how the royal family have grieved following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh

• Prince Philip died on 9th April 2021 at Windsor Castle. 

• The Countess of Wessex has spoken about the death of her father-in-law, two months after his passing. 

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Sophie, the Countess of Wessex is a working member of the royal family and is married to Prince Edward, the youngest son of Prince Philip and the Queen. 

The Countess has recently taken part in a BBC interview with Naga Munchetty where she has opened up about the royal family’s grief when it comes to mourning the loss of their patriarch, the Duke of Edinburgh. 

In the interview, the Countess made a heartbreaking confession as she revealed that the pandemic has put a strain on the family's grief as they have been unable to spend much time with the grieving Queen. 

Sophie stated, “Well, he’s left a giant-sized hole in our lives. I think, unfortunately, the pandemic has slightly skewed things in as much as it’s hard to spend as much time with the Queen than we would like to. We’ve been trying to, but of course it’s still not that easy. And of course the normal way of things, isn’t normal yet”

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She went on to reveal that she felt that the royal family’s grieving process was likely to take a long time due to the constraints of the pandemic. 

She continued to say, “So I think the whole grieving process is probably likely, for us, to take a lot longer.” She went on to relate her situation to other people across the world who are struggling with similar situations and said, “It may be the same for many other families out there.”

She then spoke about having an ‘oh my goodness moment’ when realising that Prince Philip was no longer around when she took a family trip to Scotland during the half term.

The royal stated, “We were lucky enough to go to Scotland for half term and I don’t know if you remember the photograph that I took. I was pregnant with Louise at the time.” The Countess was referring to an iconic photograph of Prince Philip and the Queen in Scotland in 2003. 

She continued to say, “And we went up there at half term…” Sophie then became emotional as she tried to continue the story and hold back tears, Her interviewer questioned if she was ok and Sophie quickly composed herself and continued, 

“Just to be there in that place [Scotland], was an ‘oh my god’ moment, so I think they will come and go.”

She then spoke about how she had similar feelings of grief when she herself lost her mother when she was 41. " I had the same thing when I lost my mother, I'd be fine, absolutely fine, fine, fine, and something happens or you hear a piece of music or you'd do something and suddenly you'd get taken off on the knees. So there will be lots of moments like that, but it's good to remember," she said.

The Countess also looked towards the future during this interview and spoke about her plans to continue working to help those who have been victims of violence. The royal family posted this section of her interview on their page in full support. 

Although Sophie has always been a working member of the royal family, it seems that she has recently taken on more responsibility and her progressive work is regularly featured on the royal's social media pages. 

Fans are loving the Countess of Wessex's work and many have taken to social media to support her. One fan said, "So happy Sophie’s work is getting the recognition it deserves! This issue should be spoken about more often." Another said, "Countess Sophie is incredible the most underrated royal with her quiet grace."

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