Ayda Field reveals the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction she had in front of the Queen

Ayda said it 'wasn't her finest moment'

Ayda Field Queen
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Meeting the monarch is a big moment for anyone who is lucky enough to experience it. Understandably you'd want to look your best and not suffer any wardrobe malfunctions - but sadly this wasn't the case for Ayda Field.

Ayda, who is married to singer Robbie Williams, has revealed the embarrassing clothing mishap she had when she met the late Queen not long after the birth of her daughter Teddy, who is now 11.

She revealed, "I'd given birth to Teddy and I couldn't fit into anything. I had these Topshop pants that I thought looked really high end [but] in the car ride over, the button popped and the whole front [of the trousers] popped off."

Ayda Field

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She added, "It was too late to turn back…it was not my finest moment." Elsewhere in the interview with Women's Health, Ayda revealed how her fashion has evolved over the years since the met the Queen and is now all about comfort.

She explained, "[In the past], I was wearing tight clothes – Dolce & Gabbana dresses or Herve Leger bandage dresses. There were clothes I used to buy where I needed actual human assistance to get in and out of them - and I would wear heels during the day! Like, what the f***? Why?"

She added that 90 per cent of her wardrobe now reflects "a life that some other chick is leading," explaining, "She exists in this fabulous red carpet, high fashion world [but] the other 10 [per cent] is the life that I live which is all my activewear. Comfort to me is so much sexier than anything else now in my life." Though she added that "comfort and sexy aren't two opposing teams."

And Ayda isn't the only celebrity to reveal an embarrassing mishap with the royal family. Joan Collins recalled in her book Behind The Shoulder Pads, how she was so nervous when she met Kate Middleton along with Louis and Charlotte during the late Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, she forgot to curtsey.

The Queen

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The actress took part in a motorcade down The Mall during the celebrations and was joined in the procession by fashion model Twiggy and GBBO judge Prue Leith for the 'Dames in their Jags' section of the pageant, which took place on the last day of the festivities.

The Dynasty star wrote, "Shown to the green retiring room behind the box, I collapsed onto a sofa and was offered a cup of tea. Suddenly, a vision appeared in a red dress. Catherine, the [then] Duchess of Cambridge, with her two young children in tow."

But while it's protocol to curtsey to senior members of the Royal Family, Joan was so star-struck she forgot. Joan continued, "'Hello, Joan,' she said sweetly, holding out her hand. 'Hello, ma'am,' I gulped, forgetting to curtsy."

She also revealed how polite Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were, adding, "Both little people held out their tiny hands politely for a handshake."

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