OUTLANDER: The British Show Americans Are Obsessed With

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  • Every now and then a British TV show goes viral in America like Downton Abbey, Dr Who and Call the Midwife to name a few. But the latest time-travelling period drama to make waves across the pond skipped Britain altogether. ‘Outlander’ a Celtic drama centred around the Scottish highlands has amassed millions of fans worldwide and boosted Scotland’s tourism no end since it’s release in 2014. As the DVD finally lands in the UK, (a year after it debuted on terrestrial TV in the US) we find out what all the fuss is about.

    Here is everything you need to know about this award-winning series which will make the perfect Christmas present…

    Based on the best-selling series of novels by American author Diane Gabaldon, Outlander tells the story of British Army nurse Claire Randall.

    At the end of World War II, Claire reunites with her husband Frank (an M16 agent soon to become an Oxford Historian) for a belated honeymoon in the Scottish highlands. During a visit to Craig na Dun in Inverness Claire mysteriously travels back in time arriving in a world she recognises from Frank’s historic tales – a world where her life and freedom are threatened.

    It’s 1743, English and Scottish soldiers are battling it out to win control of the lands and neither side can understand how this respectable English woman has arrived in such circumstances. Both treat her with suspicion and assume she is a spy for the other side.

    Claire is rescued, kidnapped and narrowly avoids rape in the very first episode making it gripping viewing from the get go. Her ability to treat combat wounds and determine the outcome of unforseen events (which later make history), make her a commodity to a group of Scottish warriors, the Mackenzie Clan – who quickly confine her the walls of Castle Leoch as their resident ‘healer’.

    Word spreads across the castle that a ‘Sassenach’ is amongst them.
    But, the English haven’t forgotton Claire and when her life is put in
    great danger she is forced to marry a strapping young Scotsman with a
    complicated past to survive. 

    Claire’s determination to return to Craig na Dun,
    1945 and her loving husband Frank never falters. But, as time goes
    on she adapts to her surroundings and a new love story ignites,
    leaving her torn between two very different worlds and the two men who reside in them.

    Watch a clip of Claire preparing to escape Castle Leoch in the first series available now on DVD

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