Do you believe in fate? These women are sharing their strange coincidences on social media

The definition of fate is ‘the development of events outside a person's control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power’.

Sounds rather far-fetched, right?

But every so often, we find ourselves in a situation that seems so kismet, it’s hard not to believe that higher powers are somehow at work.

When a Reddit user posted the question ‘what’s the most amazing coincidence you have ever experienced?’ the response was staggering, with thousands of users sharing some incredible stories in the now viral post.

These are just a few of our favourites from the huge 2,300 comments (and counting!)

A mother's intuition

“I was out drinking the other night and my friend was dropping me home. When I got in his car I text my mum we were on the way because she worries. As soon as I press send, I get a text from her asking how I am going and when I’ll be home.

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“It confused me, because I had just told her. It was literally at the same time. When I got home, I checked her phone. Her phone told her she messaged me first, and mine said I messaged her first. A mother’s intuition!”

Pay it forward

“I am an attorney. I met with a client pursuing disability benefits. Very sick and very sympathetic. She had an open-and-shut case, to the point I even suggested that she file on her own so she could avoid paying me anything.”

'The user then shared the lady’s incredible response: “’You don’t know my maiden name, it’s (“Ms. Smith”), you represented my brother two years ago. You arranged for members of the community to rebuild his house. If I end up paying $10,000 it would not be enough to cover what you have done for my family.’ I was literally thinking about quitting what I do, just the day before.”

A lucky escape

"I was hit by decompression illness (the bends) and lost the ability to coherently communicate, it’s very similar to having a stroke. I started wandering aimlessly down an island road and stumbled upon a random medical center, perfect!

"Upon entering I realised I couldn’t speak properly and most people thought I was on drugs. I was unable to tell anyone what was happening and as I’m being turned away, the dive instructor I was diving with was right behind me! Between where I was and the dive center there were easily three or four medical clinics he could have gone too, but he went to this one. He was able to fill in my forms for me as I couldn’t remember my name.

"Even better, my land lord owned the only decompression chamber on the island, so she zoomed me straight in without having to wait for paper work. Luckiest day of my life!"

Do you believe in fate?

Family tree

“[The most amazing coincidence was] finding the great women of medieval Europe, who I’ve studied since I was a kid (history geek), on my family tree a few years ago.

“I’ve been studying my own ancestors and didn’t even know it.”

Lost baggage

I was going to Malta from the US for a work trip. I had a layover in Rome, so I extended it so I could stay the weekend in Rome before the show. Sure enough, bags didn't make it to Rome. I was told they would be getting in on my same flight from Rome to Malta. Show up to Malta, no bags.

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"There were a couple colleagues on my flight and their luggage was also lost. We submitted our claims, walked out of the airport defeated and a colleague nonchalantly/sarcastically says, thats probably your bag in the bushes over there. IT WAS!"

Long-lost friends

"When I was 9, I had a best friend named Naomi. The next year, I moved to another state and Naomi and I lost touch. Nearly eight years later, when I was taking a standardised test (to get into college), who do I run into at the test centre? Naomi.

"Now here’s the best part: The test was in a different state to the one we previously lived in. Also, all the candidates writing the test were randomly assigned test centres within the state. Best coincidence ever.

"Edit: For those wondering, Naomi and I have since rekindled our friendship and are still in touch."

Lauren Hughes

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