Who left The Apprentice this week? The Apprentice 2022 boardroom results and who's still in the demanding process revealed

Who left The Apprentice 2022 after the latest tense boardroom and who narrowly escaped being fired?

Who left The Apprentice this week revealed
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The person who left The Apprentice this week made their fair share of mistakes and it made the final boardroom even more exciting to watch.

Things certainly aren’t getting any easier for The Apprentice 2022 candidates as the competition turned its attention to fish for this week’s task. Catching, pitching and selling, this challenge had it all, but whilst Team Diverse rose to the occasion, Team Infinity sank to the very bottom. Now The Apprentice 2022 house is likely feeling even more spacious with the latest candidate firing. But whilst fans might not universally agree with Lord Alan Sugar on who left The Apprentice this week, unfortunately once they got into the decision-making mishaps in the boardroom the writing seemed to definitely be on the wall for one person. 

But who left The Apprentice this week, who *almost* got fired and where is that boardroom filmed? We reveal all you need to know after the latest candidate show-down!

*Warning: spoilers ahead!* 

The Apprentice 2022 Lord Sugar

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Who left The Apprentice this week?

After last week’s teaser featuring Lord Sugar’s dramatic pronouncement that, “This is the worst failure I’ve ever experienced in this boardroom”, we were expecting some serious fireworks ahead of the next firing. And it was cleaning company owner Alex Short who left The Apprentice this week after his disastrous run as project manager ended with a loss that was entirely expected by viewers. 

This week’s Apprentice task saw the teams, now named Infinity and Diverse, get to grips with selling fish. Splitting in two, one half of each team travelled to Cornwall to get a Catch of The Day and spotting an opportunity for a lower-cost item, Alex chose crab as his team’s option. Amy, Stephanie and Sophie headed to catch as much crab as they could, whilst Alex, Akshay and Kathryn pitched to a major corporate client. 

The Apprentice candidate Alex Short

The Apprentice 2022 candidate Alex

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Unfortunately for Alex, none of them remembered to actually offer the client the crab, instead offering a range of other fish they were going to secure and provide. Leaving the pitch delighted with their agreement, it was only when Kathryn pointed out their mistake that all three realised they’d made the first major mistake of the task.

From there things rapidly went from bad to worse for Alex as he signed off on crab arancini as the dish that the sub-team were going to have to make with their catch and sell at a Cornish farmer’s market.

Defending the decision as being cost-effective, Amy, Stephanie and Sophie were shocked by the lack of up-sell value, hoping he would suggest adding chips as a side dish. Whilst Kathryn’s insistence on buying rocket and garlic mayo to serve with the arancini balls took valuable budget for little return.

Not only did the arancini take far too long to make, whilst they were grappling with the recipe in the kitchen, Alex was reminded by Karren that he hadn't actually agreed a time to deliver the fish he'd promised to prepare for the corporate client. Rushing to get them there, Alex and Akshay were told that they'd missed the lunch service and instead the client would have to save them until dinner, affecting the price massively. 

Ultimately, Alex’s team made a profit of just £116.56 and the businessman had a tense showdown in the boardroom with Akshay and Kathryn. Despite the passionate arguments, however, Lord Sugar fixed Alex firmly in his sights for a firing and the candidate’s poor decision-making landed him in a taxi home after just four weeks in the process.

“I think Lord Sugar has definitely made a mistake in firing me,” Alex said afterwards. “I stepped up to be PM when no-one else wanted to and unfortunately it’s cost me the place in the process.”

Who's still in The Apprentice 2022?

The Apprentice 2022 remaining candidates

  • Aaron—winning team
  • Brittany—winning team
  • Akshay—bottom three, losing team
  • Harpreet—winning team, project manager
  • Akeem—winning team 
  • Francesca—winning team, sub-team leader
  • Amy—losing team
  • Kathryn—bottom three, losing team
  • Nick—winning team
  • Sophie—losing team
  • Stephanie—losing team

Given the intense preview ahead of this week’s task, many fans were likely reflecting back to that unforgettable triple firing in 2017 and anticipating at least a double dismissal this week. Despite things seeming to come close particularly between Alex and Akshay, who has lost every single week so far and been brought back into the boardroom three of those times, it was only the cleaning company owner who left The Apprentice.

The Apprentice 2022 candidates Akshay and Kathryn

The Apprentice 2022 candidates Akshay and Kathryn

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All eyes will definitely be on Akshay in Week 5 given his The Apprentice track record, with Lord Sugar accusing him of taking a step back in the competition since his Week 1 stint as PM. Meanwhile, Kathryn's judgement was also called into question in the boardroom and she has already expressed a desire to never experience the final three again!

But they weren't the only one who remains in the process after a very narrow escape.  Amy wasn’t even brought back in by Alex, but it was her suggestion that he should step forward as PM in the first place. This is something Alex even brought up to Lord Sugar, with Amy describing it as just a “suggestion” and holding him accountable for their team’s loss. 

It was therefore rather surprising that Amy avoided spending more time in the boardroom and it will certainly be interesting to see if she steps up to take the top job next week. 

The Apprentice 2022 candidate Amy

The Apprentice 2022 candidate Amy 

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Also safe and still in The Apprentice 2022 are the remainder of the sub-team: Stephanie and Sophie, who clashed as they attempted to sell their time-consuming arancini balls at the farmer’s market. Boutique bar owner Sophie suggested Stephanie wasn’t giving her a chance to sell though Stephanie did come out as top sales-person on Team Infinity.

The Apprentice 2022 candidates Sophie and Stephanie

The Apprentice 2022 candidates Stephanie and Sophie 

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Meanwhile, Aaron, Nick, Francesca, Harpreet, Brittany and Akeem all secured a win for Team Diverse in Week 4. And though Harpreet was PM, it was perhaps Francesca who really anchored the team’s victory. Calm and decisive as sub-team leader, she got the fish caught and their fish tacos prepared and sold.

In contrast, Harpreet and her half of the team did cost them profit after they panicked they were running out of time to deliver their perfectly prepared fish to the corporate client. Not surprisingly the trick of hiding the worst fish underneath didn’t go undiscovered and when the client pushed back on price, they sacrificed the sale rather than go that low. 

The Apprentice 2022 Team Diversity

Top-Bottom, Left-Right: Brittany, Akeem, Francesca, Nick, Harpreet and Aaron. 

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This Week 4 result means that so far everyone who left The Apprentice 2022 have been boys, at least in terms of facing the final boardroom with Lord Sugar, with Shama having sadly pulled out of the process due to health reasons. Now they're well and truly stuck into the process  it'll certainly be intriguing to see which of the remaining candidates start to shine and which go on to catch Lord Sugar's eye for the wrong reasons going forwards...

Where is The Apprentice boardroom filmed? 

As revealed by the BBC, throughout the history of the long-running show the boardroom has been filmed in a studio rather than a real studio. They state that this is due to the sheer number of cameras that need to be set up in order to get shots of everyone around the table, without interrupting the dramatic events. With the series director needing to work from a gallery, it’s unfortunately not possible to film in Lord Sugar’s real-life boardroom. 

Whilst there are lots of establishing shots filmed around Canary Wharf in London before cutting to events inside the boardroom, it’s said that the studio used for the boardroom is actually some distance away. According to Express.co.uk, the studio is actually located in West Acton, round the corner from the Bridge Café where candidates go to to commiserate over their loss and question each other on who is to blame for their failure to win. 

The Apprentice 2022 is on BBC One at 9pm every Wednesday. 

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