Where is The Apprentice house 2022? Everything we know about the location, price and more...

The Apprentice house has caught viewers’ attention—where is it located and how much is it worth?

The Apprentice House, Huxley House in NW London
(Image credit: Wolff Architects)

The Apprentice is back! After not airing a new episode since 2019, Lord Alan Sugar has returned to the boardroom to pick out Britain’s brightest sparks in business.

Despite an absence of two years, Lord Sugar hasn’t softened.

Speaking from the boardroom in the first episode, Lord Sugar said, “I must say, we are glad to be back in the boardroom again. But don't for one minute think I've gone soft. Due to the pandemic, the world of business is tougher than ever before and the same goes for this process. In this boardroom you don't get furloughed, you get fired.”

Though his brusque manner hasn’t changed, the sixteen hopeful contestants—all in the running for £250,000 investment in their businesses, partnering with Lord Sugar—at least get to go home after a stressful day and enjoy a taste of the luxury life.

The house where the contestants stay throughout the series is a stunning mansion worth millions, and most likely a motivator for them to perform well in the competition.

Here’s everything we know about the Apprentice house…

Where is the Apprentice house located?

The Apprentice house for 2022 is Wolff Architects’ Huxley House in Hampstead, north-west London.

More specifically, the house is located on London's Bishops Avenue, which also goes by the prestigious nickname “Billionaire's Row.”

The beautiful mansion has a private swimming pool, jacuzzi, a fully stocked bar and a palatial reception room complete with chandeliers and stained glass windows.

Viewers at home were quick to point out the fact that the property has appeared on television before, being featured on Britain’s Most Expensive Houses, which aired on Channel 4.  

The Apprentice home for the 2022 series is different to houses from previous seasons.

In the last series of the show, which aired back in 2019, the contestants stayed in Wells House, in Hampstead Heath.

How much is the Apprentice mansion worth?

Huxley House featured on Channel 4’s Britain’s Most Expensive Houses where the price tag was revealed to be a staggering £17.5 million.

If the price to buy is too steep, maybe renting is right?

Hopeful residents can rent Huxley House for £100,00 per month.

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