Who is the father of Charmaine’s twins in Virgin River? The truth revealed with *that* heart-stopping season 5 return

Wondering who the father of Charmaine’s twins in Virgin River is? Season 5 finally gave us the answer and we didn’t see this coming!

Who is the father of Charmaine's twins in Virgin River? The answer revealed. Seen here is Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine in episode 410 of Virgin River.
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“Who is the father of Charmaine’s twins in Virgin River?” is the question that’s been tormenting fans for over a year since she broke the news to Jack about her web of lies.

The Virgin River season 4 ending gave long-time fans of the romantic drama series plenty to think about, not least about the various pregnancies and paternity revelations that emerged. After learning that Jack *was* the father of Mel’s baby, it later turned out that his former partner Charmaine had been keeping a devastating secret. After claiming her unborn children were Jack’s for months, she finally confessed that he wasn’t the father after all. This cliff-hanger made the question of who is the father of Charmaine’s twins in Virgin River one of the biggest burning questions for Virgin River season 5 to resolve.

Thankfully, the Virgin River season 5 release date has now arrived and despite it switching things up with a split release, the final episode finally gave us the highly-anticipated answer…

*Warning: Spoilers for Virgin River season 5 ahead*

Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts

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Who is the father of Charmaine’s twins in Virgin River? 

The mystery of who the father of Charmaine’s twins in Virgin River is only gets resolved in the closing stages of the 10th episode of season 5. After a rollercoaster of a season, the final episode saw Charmaine return to Virgin River after securing her old job at a salon and putting her name down for an apartment elsewhere. She came back for the carnival and told Doc how happy she was to be standing on her own two feet and forging the life she’d always dreamed of for her and her sons. 

At the end of the night, Charmaine was standing alone when she was approached by someone we all thought was dead and who turned out to be the twins’ dad - Calvin.  

Calvin is a dangerous criminal who was a gang leader involved in the illegal drugs trade in the Virgin River area. Later, his boss in the drug selling operation, Melissa, ordered him to be killed and she reasserted control and coerced Brady into helping her. Calvin apparently died in season 4 when his boat was blown up so it’s no surprise that everyone believed he was dead - something Charmaine said to him when he approached her. Calvin responded that the person responsible for what happened to him believed it too but that he didn’t have to hide from her anymore. 

A horrified Charmaine then asked what Calvin was doing back in Virgin River and he responded that he wanted to be a father to his sons. Now whatever answer fans might’ve expected when it came to the huge question about the father of Charmaine’s twins this twist was likely not one many will have expected. 

Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan in episode 507 of Virgin River

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It also makes a lot of sense when you consider Charmaine’s explanation to Jack in episode 2 about why she lied. She claimed she’d “lied to give the twins a future” and later when he asked her whether their true dad knew she said, “Oh, no, no, that was just a one-time thing. He’s not cut out to be a father.”

Whether or not Charmaine wants him to be, though, it seems Calvin is interested in being a father and it’s not clear whether he figured it out recently or had known all along. Only two episodes remain in Virgin River season 5 and at the moment only Calvin and Charmaine know the truth. The town’s residents are completely unaware that Calvin is back or that he is the father of Charmaine’s twins in Virgin River and they are no doubt going to be shaken by both revelations. 

Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts in episode 410 of Virgin River.

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Of course, it’s possible Calvin believes he’s the father of Charmaine’s babies but that he isn’t actually. Although her face when he made his statement about wanting to be part of their lives heavily indicates that he genuinely is. Charmaine has also yet to give birth to her sons and so that is something that could potentially happen before the end of Virgin River season 5. 

Meanwhile, Calvin’s return likely spells trouble for Virgin River as a whole and it’s not clear whether he could seek to try and get back into his former trade. Whatever happens, it looks like Virgin River season 5’s final episodes are going to be unmissable when they land on November 20th.

Virgin River season 5 is available to watch now via Netflix.

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