Who are the Bake Off finalists 2021 in the Bake Off final?

Everything you need to know about the three Bake Off finalists 2021 who have made it to the last week of the competition

Bake Off finalists 2021
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The Great British Final is set to take place tonight and fans are so excited to see who will be crowned the winner of the Bake Off tent 2021. 

The Great British Bake Off final is fast approaching and there are just three contestants left to battle it out in the tent. Although some may think that they know who the winner will be tonight, it's all to play for.

But before we say goodbye to the three beloved Bake Off contestants, here is a reminder of all their highs and lows and who we think might be the winner of the Great British bake Off 2021...

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Great British Bake Off

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Chigs (Chirag Parmar)

great british bake off chigs

(Image credit: Channel 4/Great British Bake Off)

Like all of the bakers, Chigs has won star baker twice during his time in the tent. The baker has never been one of the bottom performers in the tent and has been a runner-up for star baker on three occasions.

Although Chigs is a competent baker, many viewers will remember him most favorably for being the hunk of the tent. The attractive baker has often looked smart in his glasses and plaid shirts and fans have been positively drooling over the baker and his bakes.

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His award-winning showstoppers have included a delicious-looking gluten-free red velvet cake and a to-die-for Balck Forest Imprime dessert.

BuzzBingo calculated each contestants' growth in popularity during their time on the show and have worked out based on popularity who should win. The site thinks that as the most popular contestant Chigs is the most likely to win.

Of course, as the viewers have no say in the voting and the judges Prue and Paul will decide who will be crowned the winner of the Bake Off 2021, therefore popular or not, it is all to play for in the final.


Channel 4

(Image credit: Channel 4)

Crystelle has also won star baker twice during her time in the tent. The baker has only once been one of the bottom performers in the tent. This was during the quarter-finals when the judges chose to save Crystelle instead of Lizzie. 

Despite underperforming in the quarter-finals, Crystelle well and truly brought it for the semi-final and was crowned the star baker last week. Like Chigs, she has also been a runner-up for star baker on three occasions so she is pretty much neck and neck competency-wise with Chigs.

Bake Off's Crystelle has revealed her 'imposter syndrome' after she was crowned Star Baker last week and beat Jurgen to the final. However, she is still a hot contender to win the show if she continues on her winning streak.

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The baker will be most remembered for her love of miso caramel, her great banter with Noel and Matt, and her hugely impressive bakes during patisserie week that completely changed her position in the show.

BuzzBingo predict that if this were a popularity contest, Crystelle could be on for a winner as she is statistically the second most popular contestant.


Channel 4

(Image credit: Channel 4)

Although he has had some hairy moments, he has been star baker twice and one of the runners up for star baker on five different occasions.

Until last week, Guiseppe had yet to have a bad week in this tent. However, during the semi-final when all the bakers were neck and neck, Guiseppe was a possible choice to leave the tent instead of Jurgen Krauss.

Guiseppe's Italian-style bakes during bread week cinched him the Star Baker award in week three. The baker also nailed German bakes in week five and won the Star Baker award despite there being a German baker in the tent.

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Guiseppe will be most fondly remembered for his hilarious one liners and his inventive new phrases to explain how his bake was going, for example when he told the judges that he was 'scared sockless.'

BuzzBingo predict that Guiseppe will place third in the competition as the baker with the least social media following increase. 

However, the baker was also spotted having a drink with former contestant Rahul.

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As Rahul was a former winner of the Great British Bake Off in 2018 and fans suspect that the two going for a drink could be because they are both winners of the show.

All will be revealed tonight when the final airs on Channel 4 at 8 pm. 

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