What we know about Kimber in Only Murders in the Building - the lead suspect following episode 3

Here's everything we know so far about Ashley Park's character Kimber in Only Murders in the Building

Kimber in Only Murders in the Building
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Following season 3 episode 3, Kimber in Only Murders in the Building has become the lead suspect in the gang's investigation into Ben Glenroy's mysterious death.

Although Oliver may be too busy trying to turn his play into a musical, Mabel and Charles have been on the case and trying to work out who pushed Ben (Paul Rudd) into the elevator shaft where he plummeted to his death. 

Following the discoveries made by Charles and Mabel in the latest episode of season 3, Kimber Min who plays 'The Godmother' in Oliver's play, Death Rattle Dazzle, has become the lead suspect in Ben Glenroy's murder. But why is she a key suspect?

Only Murders in the Building

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Why is Kimber the main suspect?

In episode three titled, 'Grab Your Hankies,' Charles embarked on a mission to befriend his castmates and find out who still had hold of their handkerchiefs.

This is because Ben handed out handkerchiefs to the cast in the play on opening night. The same handkerchief was then discovered in his hand when his body was found. Mabel and Charles speculated that it must have been one of the cast members who pushed Ben and he tried to grab hold of something and managed to grab their handkerchief.

They decided they needed to work out who didn't have their handkerchief and sadly for Kimber, by the end of the episode, Charles had worked out that she no longer had hers and had a flimsy excuse as to where she put it, "I really wanted to give you my hankie, but I must have thrown it away, or donated to a good cause."

What is Kimber's motive to kill Ben?

She may have lost her hankie but does she really have a solid motive? Charles speculated at the beginning of the episode, "Kimber, the TikTok addicted starlet, did she do it as part of an internet MEM?"

Mabel ignored this but suggested it could have been a crime of passion, "The night Ben died he apologized to Kimber for 'making things messy' do you think they were hooking up?"

Charles then repsonded by saying, "I don't know, but another female killer? That's so done" This could be a good point and a deliberate choice by the creators of the show. The main killer in season 1 was Jan, who killed Tim Kono after he dumped her, and the season 2 killer was Becky Butler (who called herself Poppy White) who killed Bunny in an effort to make a good crime podcast. So the show creators may want to mix things up with a male killer.

Kimber in Only Murders in the Building

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However, Kimber's narration in the episode ends on a rather sinister note. In the final moments of the show, she sings 'Look for the Light' with Loretta (Meryl Streep) and is outshone by Loretta's emotional performance. 

In the narration Kimber says, "When a spark finally catches fire and everyone can see it, then the only place you want to be is at the centre of that fire. But if one person is shining a little brighter than the others, sometimes you can't help it, it's a competitive business, you may need to snuff them out."

Who are the other suspects in Ben Glenroy's murder?

While speculating who might be among the other suspects, Charles suggests Jonathan, the understudy who might have been 'looking for his moment in the limelight' and could have killed Ben in order to get his moment on stage.

Mabel and Charles also suggest it could have been Donna and Cliff, the producers who may have wanted to get 'rid of their demanding lead.'

Tobert (Jesse Williams) also seems like a suspicious character who was looking for his next big documentary project, could he have played a complicit - or active - part in Ben's murder? 

Only Murders in the Building

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Ben's overlooked assistant and brother Dickie also seemed rather suspicious as he smashed a lamp and said 'I'm so sorry Ben,' which Mabel and Tobert overheard while they were snooping in Ben's penthouse apartment. 

Loretta also could be a key suspect as just before it was discovered that Ben survived his first murder attempt, she wanted to begin a romantic relationship with Oliver - which he forbade while they were creating the show.

Only Murders in the Building

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However, she tried to initiate things with him before it was discovered that Ben survived the poisoning. After Ben made his grand appearance at the party after surviving the first murder attempt, he told Loretta, "CoBro knows a fellow snake when he sees one." He then hissed at her, twice. 

Loretta then left the party soon after Ben left to get changed and said to Mabel, "Ben may be back, but it doesn't change the fact that he is a fucking a**hole."

To be honest, at this point in the show, there are quite a few suspects who have good motives, so we may just have to wait and see how the story unfolds!

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