What is The Night Caller on Channel 5 about and is it based on a true story?

Thrilling new drama The Night Caller is landing on Channel 5 - and you might be wondering if there's any truth behind the tale

The Night Caller
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We live in a golden age of television, with endless dramas to stream at the touch of a button. While there is so much to enjoy, a new thriller from Channel 5 is at the top of our binge-watch list.

The Night Caller is a taut drama about obsession and revolves around two men locked in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

The limited series is a must-watch for those who have been desperate for another gripping drama to watch since the ending of Fool Me Once and the likes of stalker smash hit, You. 

With the first episode arriving on Channel 5 on Sunday July , here is everything you need to know about The Night Caller.

What is The Night Caller about?

Channel 5 describes The Night Caller as "a claustrophobic tale about the power of influence those with the loudest voice have over the most vulnerable people".

The four-part series centres around lonely taxi driver Tony (Robert Glenister) who has seemingly lost his purpose in life.

Prior to working through the night, the 50-something cabbie had been a well respected science teacher - until a scandal led to his apparently unfair dismissal.

Having lost his career, marriage and self-esteem, the driver becomes increasingly isolated.

Desperate for companionship, he finds solace in café worker Rosa (Suzanne Packer) and a late night radio show hosted by Lawrence (Sean Pertwee).

As he continues to dial into the show and drives through the darkened streets of Liverpool, his obsession begins to grow.

It's only a matter of time until the two men violently clash though, as Tony makes a startling realisation about Lawrence.

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Is The Night Caller based on a true story?

Despite parallels to real-life stalking cases, The Night Caller on Channel 5 is purely fictional and was written by Nick Saltrese.

In fact, it was Tony’s isolation and desperation in the script that attracted lead actor Robert Glenister.

He said:, "The career he (Tony) was so passionate about and respected for has gone and now he’s lonely, vulnerable and making ends meet by driving passengers round Liverpool.

"Tony is beguiled by DJ Lawrence and feels like he’s found a genuine friend in him."

Teasing the series’ finale, the Spooks actor added, "Something just flips in Tony. Lawrence’s words have got inside his head and he does something terrible that isn’t premeditated but which changes everything.

"I don’t think viewers will anticipate some of the twists in store. Expect the unexpected!"

The first episode of The Night Caller will air on Channel 5 at 9pm on July 7, with a new episode each night. Viewers can also stream the series on My5.

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