We're in love with Reese Witherspoon's rustic natural wood dining set and pristine panelled walls in cosy home snap

Reese Witherspoon's panelled walls and natural furnishings are our latest obsession - and so warm and cosy for the autumn season

Reese Witherspoon's panelled walls
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Reese Witherspoon's panelled walls and natural furnishings are our latest obsession as she shares a sneak peek into her home.

In a photograph of her son on Instagram, Reese Witherspoon shared a peek into her home and a look at her living space which has picked up on some of the key Interior Design Trends of 2024.

While there are a variety of Wallpaper trends in 2023, Reese opted for something less fussy and seasonal and had a cream-toned wall as the background of her image. The neutral wall was far from boring as instead of wallpaper patterning the wall, there were panels that lined the space and added dimension and shape to the otherwise plain off-white wall. 

The panelled wall was perfect for a lounge or living space as it created a serene space that oozed quiet luxury and allowed other items in the room to take centre stage. Case in point, the actress had a television mounted onto the panelled wall, but this looked perfectly comfortable in the space and meant that television watchers wouldn't be distracted by a fussy wallpaper pattern.

Cream and other pale neutral shades are consistently popular and are again some of the key interior paint colour trends in 2024. A neutral shade of cream often makes a house look clean, bright and cosy and is unlikely to go out of fashion, unlike other bold or overly trendy palette choices.

In the photo shared by Reese, her natural wood furniture pieces were also a focal point as the actress showed her preference for natural and rustic style pieces, rather than formed, painted, or overly processed wooden furniture. 

The dining table was simple and functional and had an effortless vintage style that isn't always common when people follow design trends like the Scandi of Japandi interior design looks that have been popular in recent years. 

Other angles from Reese's home show that the neutral pale shades appear not only on her walls but on her furniture pieces and throw cushions and blankets. These were the perfect additions to change out each season and change up the look with a cheap fix. 

Many of the other rooms in her home also feature natural wood and shades of rich natural brown are typically the only other tones that appear in her pristine cream rooms.

Reese's shelving and ceiling beams perfectly illustrate that natural woods and warm tones don't have to be boring and can create a harmonious colour palette that's reminiscent of the timeless coastal grandmother style. 

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