Victoria Beckham says she's 'still haunted' by one particular 90s outfit she matched with David in

Fashion icon Victoria Beckham says she still regrets one look from the 90s

Victoria Beckham 90s outfit regret
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As a fashion designer and style inspiration to many, Victoria Beckham undoubtedly prides herself on being able to put an outfit together. But the former Spice Girl has admitted she regrets one look from the 90s.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Victoria and fellow guest Anne Hathaway took part in a segment hilariously dubbed So Posh or Oh Gosh. The idea behind the segment was for the ladies to consider their outfit choices of the past and whether they'd stood the test of time.

Back in 1999, Victoria and husband David rocked up to a Versace party wearing matching Gucci leather outfits. And while at the time, we're sure no-one batted an eyelid - VB has now admitted that the matching ensembles "still haunt" her to this day.

Reflecting on the fashion faux-pas, Victoria admitted, "It haunts me, it does haunt me, but I love it." She added, "We really thought about it and there was a naïveté to it that was just so sweet."

She also joked that the fact they wore Gucci to a Versace “inappropriate in itself."

Victoria Beckham 90s outfit regret

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When host Andy Cohen questioned why the look haunts her so much, she replied, "Because everybody pulls it out of the bag, Andy!"

And she isn't wrong. During an appearance on The Tonight Show last October, host Jimmy Fallon also whipped out the iconic photo while chatting with Victoria about her iconic couple outfits with former footballer David.

"We didn't do it that much but every time we did, it was very well-documented and will just not leave me alone, let me tell you," VB said.

"It just seemed like a really good idea at the time, you know? It really did. I think it was a naivety then. We didn't know about fashion. We were just having fun with it, which, to be honest with you, is kind of the way it should be."

Talking of pulling things out of the bag, the star recently launched a new handbag collection. Victoria Beckham's shimmering green dress and epic bucket bag, shared on her Instagram account, left accessory fans drooling.

Victoria Beckham

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Victoria recently made another confession about her and David - that they watch TV in the shower together!

The couple has installed a TV screen into their shower in their £31million mansion in West London. And photographer Darryn Lyons has recalled a run-in he once had with Victoria, where she admitted that she and David were in the shower together watching the news. 

Darryn said, "I remember Victoria Beckham coming up to me in a very famous hotel in London. She came up to myself and Bryan Morrison, who was the manager for George Michael [at the time], and she said, 'I was just watching you on Sky News in the shower with David on our new shower TV screen'."

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