This Morning's Alison Hammond Conducts Hilarious Interview With Harrison Ford Leaving Viewers In Hysterics

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This Morning presenter Alison Hammond delighted fans and viewers with an hilarious interview with movie stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.

The interview took place to promote the Hollywood pair's new film, Blade Runner 2049, a remake of the 1982 classic.

However, there didn't appear to much discussion of the actual movie in the interview, as the threesome descended into hysterics at every turn.

Alison appeared to be on top form with the A-listers, joking around and ensuring that the pair came round to her trademark, informal interview style.

To kick off the interview, Alison revealed that she'd brought along glasses from the original Blade runner film as a gift for the pair, prompting Hollywood leading man Ryan Gosling to ask if she's a fan of the movie classic.

However, Alison bluntly responded, "Never seen it", before descending into fits of giggles.

In his typical deadpan manner, Ryan hilariously responded, "I appreciate your candour."

Alison then seemed to proceed with the interview, seemingly alluding to the tone of the new film, saying, "Bleak, dystopian, and absolute nightmare to be honest with you."

But she quickly reverted to her trademark jokey ways, continuing, "And that's just my interview technique!"

It was at this point that Hollywood legend Harrison Ford joined in on the hysterics, to continue Alison's tounge-in-cheek comment.

He looked at the presenter with mock concern, and said, "Cheer up."

Alison responded, "Well, it's a bit of a bleak day!"

To which Harrison sarcastically bit back, "No it's not! It's a lovely day in London, let's keep it that way. This is not the introduction we were promised. Bring me on with a little happier music."

Still in fits of giggles, Ryan then proceeded to pour himself a drink, presumably to keep up with the chaotic tone of the interview. Alison later joined him, leaving Harrison to proclaim, "There's none left for me!"

But after the threesome failed to control their laughter, Harrison eventually resigned himself to the inevitable, picking up his own drink.

The interview then went on to discuss the fact that Ryan is appearing in a classic Harrison Ford film, prompting Alison to question whether Harrison would ever star in the remake of a notable Ryan Gosling movie - namely, La La Land.

Harrison replied, "No. Can't sing, can't dance." Ryan and Harrison then tried their hand at harmonies, leaving Alison in fits of laughter over their attempts.

Rounding off the bizarre interview, Harrison was left questioning, "What a way to start the day..."

Holly and Phil declared the chat Alison's "best ever" - and we're inclined to agree.

And fans clearly agreed with the pair, taking to Twitter to say how funny they found it.


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Make sure to take a look at the video yourselves - we dare you not to descend into fits of giggles...

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