This Morning fans in hysterics at Phillip Schofield’s reaction to trying matcha for the first time

This Morning’s Phillip Schofield tried matcha tea for the first time and his unusual reaction left fans in stitches

Phillip Schofield
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On This Morning, Phillip Schofield tried matcha tea for the first time. His disgusted reaction to the health drink had fans in stitches as the host struggled to enjoy the acquired taste.

We all know that there are many fantastic health benefits of tea, but on This Morning, Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes tried out some matcha tea and may have put some fans off for life!

Wellbeing expert, Liz Earle whipped up some matcha tea for the hosts and suggested that a bit of honey might help the drink as otherwise, it can taste a little like ‘grass clippings.’  Despite this warning, Phillip and Rochelle both yelled out in shock after taking the first sip as it appeared the drink was definitely not their cup of tea.

Phillip’s reaction to the drink was hilarious as he stuck out his tongue and screamed, “What the hell is that!?” Despite protests from Liz who said, “It’s very good for you!” Phillip started to wipe his green tongue with a tea towel as he pulled a face and said, “I can’t keep my face straight!”

Rochelle was equally shocked, as a fan of matcha she exclaimed, “No it’s really not a good one, it’s really not a good one, wow even I don’t like that. It’s very very- no I don’t like that.”

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Fans found this reaction from the hosts hilarious and many took to social media to share their amusement. One fan said, “Definitely the highlight of my boring Bank Holiday Monday.” Another said, “Phillip's reaction! Hilarious!”

However, some fans were unimpressed by this reaction and stuck up for their favourite drink. One fan said, "As a Japanese person, I’m so offended I hate to see introducing Japanese stuff wrong way." Another fan said, "I agree. I love this tea as I find it good for me as I love drinking it while having dinner."

Some fans were also disappointed that Holly wasn’t on This Morning today. Phillip revealed to viewers that Holly had the day off to spend time with her three children. He said, “It's a bank holiday, so Holly's with the kids today so Rochelle is on.” 

Rochelle joked that Holly was a better mum than her as she said, “I decided to leave mine at home, Holly is a better mum than me. I was like 'There's no school again?' Oh, I'm going to work."

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