This Friends character has been rated the nation's favorite, but do you agree?

We’re not so sure they’d be our pick…

The cast of Friends
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A new survey has found that of the six main friends characters, there is one who is loved above all others. So who is it?

The sit-com Friends aired from 1994 to 2004 and became a fixture in the culture of the nineties and early noughties. The show may have ended 17 years ago, but generations of fans are still just as obsessed with the comedy show as when it first aired. 

Even recently, fans of the show are still noticing continuity errors in Friends and are still debating who the best character is. But debate no more, a new survey from has found that there is one character who is by far the most popular with fans of the show, and that person is...

1. Chandler Bing

Matthew Perry’s character Chandler Bing has been nominated as the nation’s favourite Friends character. With his hilarious antics and various wisecracks, could he BE any funnier? 

His transformation from commitment-phobe to Monica’s loving husband was one of the best character arcs on the show. His relationship with Joey also basically invented the word 'bromance' so it makes sense that Chandler is the most popular character of all time.

2. Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani has come second place thanks to Matt Le Blanc’s hilarious character who was sweet, lovable, and handsome. His wholesome relationships with the other characters definitely helped him score highly. 

Although his brief romantic relationship with Rachel was not a fan favorite, his dopey demeanor and numerous misunderstandings created comedy gold for the show. 

3. Phoebe Buffay

In third place and coming in first out of the ladies is Phoebe Buffay. The smelly cat singer had so many hilarious moments and people just adored her wacky sense of humor. Phoebe, A.K.A Regina Falange, A.K.A Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock provided a lot of the entertainment in the series and added levity to every scene.

From being a vegetarian to only wanting thrifted furniture in her apartment, Phoebe was the original Gen-Zer who cut the mold for us all to copy. She rightfully earned her place in the top three.

4. Rachel Green

Rachel Green comes in at number four. A fashion icon in her own right and a self-made woman that pulled herself up by her bootstraps when her daddy cut her off.

From getting her dress stuck in her knickers as she walked down the aisle to meeting her boyfriend’s parents in lingerie, Rachel found herself in various awkward situations and became a relatable character with her constant bad judgment. Her on-again-off-again relationship with Ross kept many viewers interested but she was an icon in her own right.  


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5. Mike Hannigan

Paul Rudd’s Mike Hannigan was not a member of the original six friends but regardless, we loved him as Phoebe’s adorable husband. Mike was truly Phoebe’s lobster which is why he features so highly on the list. 

His sense of humor matched Phoebe’s and he slotted right into the gang. He may have started off as some random guy in central perk that Joey forced to go on a double date with, but he ended up as Phoebe’s adoring husband that loved her for who she is, and we loved him for that.

6. Monica Geller

Courtney Cox’s highly-strung Monica Geller may be the wife of top contender, Chandler Bing, but she is by no means the favorite. Monica is the least favorite of the main women in the series and is even below semi-main cast member Mike Hannigan. 

Monica deserved better but she had stiff competition. We still love you, Monica!

7. Ross Geller

Hilariously, David Schwimmer’s character Ross did not make the cut of the top 6 characters. Despite many fans claiming that Ross is the best character and citing his margarita-drunk personality the highlight of the series, Ross did not make the cut. 

Frankly, he deserves it.  As soon as the ‘we were on a break’ nonsense started, Ross was dead to us. Rachel deserved better and he was extremely lucky that she got off that plane! 

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