'Friends' fans have noticed another error in the show

Did you spot it?

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Fans of the hit TV show ‘Friends’ have noticed a big continuity error in the series that involves Ross and Rachel - did you catch this mistake?

'Friends' began airing in 1994, and after 10 seasons, the series sadly came to an end in 2004. The show is still streaming on various online platforms, and fans are still finding mistakes in the show -  27 years after it first came to air! 

Fans have noticed a big mistake in the episode titled "The One in Massapequa," which is the 18th episode in the 90’s sitcom's 8th season. In the episode, Ross and Monica’s parents celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary and ask Rachel and Ross to pretend to be married. Since Rachel is visibly pregnant with Ross' child in the episode, the Geller's pretend they're married to avoid a scandal.

The episode's mistake involved a body double being included in the show's final cut instead of the real actor. Elliott Gould, who played Jack Geller in the series, was mysteriously absent from a shot, and another actor was used in his place. 

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Fans are loving this mistake, and many have commented their surprise on TikTok videos. One fan said, “How have I never noticed this before?!” Another had a similar reaction and said, “I literally watched this episode this morning and didn’t see this.”

Some fans have suggested that this could be due to a framing issue. One fan stated, “It’s because episodes were originally shot to be displayed with a different format. So that side of the screen wouldn’t show before being adapted.”

Other fans, however, were less interested in the reasoning behind the mistake and more interested in picking further holes into the scene. One fan noted, “also, let me ruin this even more - the picture behind them for the anniversary is them that day. They are also in Monica’s apartment.” 

This isn’t the first time that fans have noticed a mistake in the series. Many fans were shocked when they realized that Chandler told Monica "I love you" for the first time, twice in the series (once when Monica wears a Turkey on her head and again when he pretends to date Phoebe.)

Earlier this year, fans also noticed another continuity error in an early episode of friends. Eagle-eyed watchers pointed out that the framing for this scene changed, and the set design was off in the background of the shot.

It's clear that although the show has been over for 17 years, there is still plenty of entertainment to come from 'Friends.' 

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