The Larkins 2022: Where was it filmed and who are the new Larkins?

Here is everything you need to know about The Larkins 2022, the second season of the spin-off of the 90s show The Darling Buds of May

The Larkins 2022
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The Larkins 2022 is the latest adaptation of the 1958 book, The Larkins, by author H.E. Bates. Here is what you need to know about the second season of this beloved show.

The 1991 TV show, The Darling Buds of May, was an enormous hit and has a special place in many Britons' hearts who loved this nostalgic show starring a young Catherine Zeta-Jones as well as David Jason and Pam Ferris. 

The updated version of The Larkins features a brand new cast and a brand new film set. Following the release of the first episode of season two, here is what you need to know about The Larkins...

The Larkins starring Bradley Walsh and Joanna Scanlan

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Where is The Larkins filmed?

The Larkins is filmed in the South East of England in the home counties, predominantly in the Kent countryside. 

It was reported by Metro that some of the filming locations included the Walpole Bay Hotel in Margate, and Viking Bay in Broadstairs. Other scenes took place in Tonbridge and Malling, and parts were even filmed in Surrey.

The series did not use, Buss Farm in Pluckley, which was the farm used in the original Darling Buds of May show, which became synonymous with the show. The Kent farm used in The Larkins has not - yet - been identified by ITV.

The Larkins starring Sabrina Bartlett and Tok Stephen

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Who are the new Larkins?

Ahead of the first season of The Larkins, we compared The Larkins cast now vs. the original The Darling Buds of May cast. However, there have been a few changes between The Larkins cast of season one and the cast of season two.

Most notably, due to reported scheduling issues, Sabrina Bartlett will not be reprising her role as Mariette Charlton. Sabrina's replacement is Joelle Rae, who will be taking over as the eldest Larkin child.

Returning to their roles in the second season, Bradley Walsh plays Pop Larkin, Joanna Scanlan plays Ma Larkin, Tok Stephen plays Mariette's husband, Cedric ‘Charley’ Charlton, and Lydia Page plays Primrose Larkin.

The Larkins locations were filmed in Kent, starring Bradley Walsh and Joanna Scanlan

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Other returning members of the cast include Peter Davison as the Vicar, Kriss Dosanjh as Brigadier, Amelia Bullmore as Miss Edith Pilchester, Seeta Indrani as Miss Chand, Robert Bathurst as Johnny Delamere, Francesca Wilson Waterworth as Libby Fothergill, Barney Walsh as PC Harness, Tony Gardner as Alec Norman, Selina Griffiths as Norma Norman and Natalie Mitson as Pauline.

Joining the cast in the 2022 second season is; Morgana Robinson who plays Pinkie Jerebohm, and Julian Rhind-Tutt as Mr. Jerebohm.

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