A super Blue Moon is coming and it promises to bring forward psychic insights and sudden revelations

Full Moon August 2023: Emotions will run extremely high as the Full Moon brings forward psychic insights and sudden revelations

Full Moon August 2023: Emotions will run extremely high as the Full Moon brings forward psychic insights and sudden revelations
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This kind of astrology happens only, well, once in a blue moon. Yes, this month will be remembered for the two intense Super Moons it featured – and an even more dramatic Venus retrograde. 

Just when we thought summer couldn’t bring any more shocking (OK, and some quite expected) celebrity breakups and headline-making shakeups, we close out with this second Super Full Moon in the watery and emotional sign of Pisces. 

Whenever the Moon is in Pisces, the veil between the physical and spiritual planes is thinner – so we should pay close attention to dreams, synchronicities, or any unexpected, seemingly out-of-nowhere insights. Expect this Full Moon to shed additional light into a currently perplexing personal situation and offer the breakthrough we’ve been looking for, as bountiful Jupiter – the ruler of this Moon connects with Uranus, a planet known to shake us out of complacency.

With Venus's retrograde finishing this week, any endings we experience are likely permanent. It’s all about integration now.

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When is the Full Moon August 2023?

Mark your moon calendar of 2023 for 31 August 2023, at 2:36 AM GMT. The Moon in Pisces forms a powerful opposition to the Sun in Virgo, forming a Full Moon in the sky. Because it’s a Super Moon, it means that the Moon is orbiting closer to the Earth’s surface, making its appearance extra brilliant – and magnifying its emotional effects. During a Full Moon, we know that there are big revelations; that people in heightened or out-of-character ways; and that we’ve reached an inevitable climax in a particular story in our lives.

Here's how the second Full Moon of August 2023 will affect you depending on your star sign. Look at your sun or rising sign for the most accurate reading, based on your personal astrology birth chart.

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Full Moon August 2023 horoscope


Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your innermost thoughts, Aries. With this Full Moon in your twelfth house of the subconscious, you may be confronting ways in which you sell yourself short. Now is the time for some deep and healing soul-searching about your values – and how your negative self-talk can be getting in the way of living in alignment with what you say matters most. You may be on the receiving end of some intense psychic downloads at this time – pay attention to what they reveal.


Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your social and parasocial relationships, Taurus. With this Full Moon in your eleventh house of groups and networks, you may come to realize that your role in certain circles has either shifted or otherwise causes you personal discomfort. Letting go of relationships is never easy, but neither is staying in ones that don’t allow you to fully express yourself – or make you compare yourself to their highlight reel. Trust your instincts about who it’s time to disengage from. 


Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your public reputation, Gemini. With this Full Moon in your tenth house of career, you could be on the receiving end of a promotion, advancement, or new offer. A work event could also just as equally feel like a disappointment – that you’ve been overworked but under-looked. Remember that when one door closes, another one opens, so even if news from the workplace seems initially difficult, you’re being given insight into what your next steps could be. Only stay where you’re celebrated.


Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your most deeply held beliefs, Cancer. With this Full Moon in your ninth house of spiritual wisdom, you may suddenly realize that just because you’ve always been told to believe a particular conviction, think a certain way, or perform a particular custom, doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it. It doesn’t mean you can’t question its origins and pick and choose which parts serve your higher good and which parts you can leave to others who’d rather do it themselves. Your soul journey is your individual path. Remember that.


Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your most intimate relationships, Leo. With this Full Moon in your eighth house of the taboo, you could be releasing the weight of expectations not only that other people have on you – but more importantly, the ones that you place on yourself. Trying to make other people happy always comes at a cost, and you may have recently decided that the price is too high to pay. You’ve reached a point where you will no longer allow others to “yuck your yum” – figuratively and literally. You need to be true to you. 


Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your partnerships, Virgo. With this Full Moon in your seventh house of marriage and business contracts, there may be a certain melancholy you feel. The stars are shining a spotlight on how others show up for you – but may leave you wanting. You’re a strong and capable sign, one who rushes in to fix things before they’re even broken. But being the hero of every situation may leave you feeling lonely at best and taken for granted at worst. Partnerships are a two-way street. You don’t have to do it alone. So why are you? 


Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your day-to-day activities, Libra. With this Full Moon in your sixth house of habits, you may be ready to let go of a part of your routine that feels burdensome. There may be resistance, at least initially. Sometimes the biggest block to change is fear of it. It may sound contradictory, but even if we know we are not happy, we may get a certain sense of relief from believing we’re in control. But if you could risk uncertainty by letting go of a habit or task that you don’t like doing, you’ll make room for something you might just love.

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Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your passions, Scorpio. With this Full Moon in your fifth house of creativity and fertility, it’s a welcome opportunity for you to celebrate who and what you love. There may be a sense of longing you experience during this time – almost as if you’re feeling a bit far away from being able to spend time doing what you love. This Pisces Moon is asking you to release expectations around “production” and focus your energy on pleasure. Do more of what you love; it really is that simple.


Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your domestic life, Sagittarius. With this Full Moon in your fourth house of home and family, it’s an opportunity for you to focus on matters closer to home. Something in your private life has felt like a weight. It could be something physical in the home or the weight of a buried skeleton in the past. Can you remove it? Donate it? Recycle it? Throw it away? And if it’s intangible, can you talk about it with someone you trust? Allow yourself to release what’s in your heart, on your mind, and crowding up your physical and emotional space. 


Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your delivery, Capricorn. With this Full Moon in your third house of communication, the stars are inviting you to consider how you say what you say. You’re a sign that’s known to speak your mind, and maybe, just maybe, give unsolicited advice. Think about how you speak to others – and if it isn’t a reflection of how you speak to yourself. Sure, it seems simple to believe that your friends could surely solve their problems if they just listened to your expert advice. But could they say the same about you? Most advice is autobiographical. Remember that. 


Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your finances, Aquarius. With this Full Moon in your second house of income, you’re being invited to think about a scarcity mindset and if it’s helping or hurting you. With this lunation so closely configured to stern Saturn, you may be feeling a financial pinch. You could be worrying about your assets. You could be denying yourself – or others – because you’re scared of what’s to come. And while thinking about the future is always cautious and wise, the stars are gently reminding you that you also need to live in and for the present. 


Your personal breakthrough is revealing itself in your body, Pisces. With this Full Moon in your first house of the self, there is an embodiment aspect to this lunation that you’re invited to feel and fully experience. As a concept, self-love is a phrase that gets thrown around, as in, you can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself. But at this time, you may question the accusatory and hollow nature of that advice. You may start to see that you can love others, even if you don’t fully appreciate all your wonderful qualities. And now your task is, to learn to love yourself with the love you so abundantly give to others.

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