The Duchess By Danielle Steel Review: The Gripping New Story That Will Have You Hooked

Duchess Danielle Steel

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What is The Duchess about?

Orphaned, betrayed but determined to succeed, The Duchess is the thrilling new summer read from best-selling author Danielle Steel.

In her latest novel, The Duchess, she takes us straight into the dangerous world of a beautiful young woman who’s orphaned, betrayed by her family, and left friendless and alone.

Set in 19th century England, when a woman who found herself in that situation had to use all her intelligence, skill and ingenuity to survive in a society that was all too ready to watch her fall.

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In aristocratic Angélique Latham, Danielle Steel has created a remarkable heroine we can all cheer on, as she battles through rejection, cruelty and hardship to create a daring new life for herself – and for other vulnerable women – as the owner of a bold new venture, a top-class Parisian house of pleasure...

An adored child of her father’s second marriage, Angélique loses her mother at an early age, but has always been resented by her two older half-brothers. The antiquated laws relating to inheritance mean that Angélique’s father, the Duke of Westerfield, can do little to provide for her when his own end comes near.

Although he manages to give her a substantial gift of cash, which she sensibly hides away, his worst fears are realized when she is ousted from the family seat, Belgrave Castle, after his death, and sent off to be a nanny by brothers who pretend she is a distant cousin – not their blood sister.

But later, a chance encounter with a Paris prostitute who’s been beaten almost to death makes a huge impression on Angélique – and with the help of her father’s secret bequest, she sets about creating a world where women rule – and even the mightiest of men become their willing slaves...

Despite all her triumphs, and knowing how much she is desired, can Angélique ever find real love? Or will the secrets of her past see her hard-won success come crashing down?

Always gripping, and with plots full of intrigue and insight, it’s no wonder almost a billion books by Danielle Steel have been sold around the world.

About the author: Danielle Steel

If you already love her engaging, courageous characters, you know you’re in for a treat with The Duchess. And if you’re new to Danielle Steel’s inimitable storytelling, get set for a summer read to relish. With strong women at the heart of all her work, her stories deal with timeless themes of love, loss and survival we can all relate to – and as the working mother of a large family, Danielle Steel has plenty of personal experience of life’s challenges to draw on.

Raised in France, Danielle is a fluent French speaker, and currently divides her time between her home in northern California, and Paris – where Duchess Angélique suffers and triumphs in turn.

Don’t miss this thrilling and highly charged new novel.

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