Susanna Reid Admits That She's Looking For Love - But Will Never Get Married Again

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Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid has admitted that she's keeping her eyes open for a new man in her life.

The mum-of-three split from her husband of 16 years, Dominic Cotton, in 2014, and it seems as though the popular TV host is now ready for love again.

Susanna spoke about her love life live on GMB with co-host Piers, while the pair were discussing the ideal age to get married.

They referenced a study by the National Institute of Family Studies, who claimed that the ideal period to get married was from your late 20s to your early 30s.

Susanna revealed, "Those who get married in their teens face a higher chance of divorce. People who get married after their early 30s have a higher rate of divorce as well.

"In other words, don't get married when you're too young and don't wait too long.

"There is a short window of opportunity - your late 20s to your early 30s. That's it then, it's over for me", Susanna joked.

And the revelation lead Susanna to admit that while she's keen to find a new love in her life - she won't be walking up the aisle again.

She even stated that getting married was never her dream in the first place.

The 47-year-old confessed, "I never wanted to be married and don't want to change now... That's it.

"I think I'll probably at some stage hopefully have another relationship, but not marriage."


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And luckily, it appears Susanna won't be short of admirers as she throws herself back into the dating pool.

The official Good Morning Britain Twitter page was flooded with offers from admirers after Susanna's dating confession. One wrote, "I would be honoured to take Susanna Reid on a date."

But others shared their view that there is no ideal age to marry - suggesting that it happens when it happens.

One viewer wrote, "I don't believe in there being a good age to get married. As long as you both feel 100% commited to each other and prepared to give each other your all."

The GMB hosts rounded off their discussion by referencing a ‘French formula' for the best age to get married.

Piers explained, "The perfect age gap for marriage between a man and a woman, if you're in France, is to half the man's age and add 7".

Susanna and Piers then worked out that her ideal man would, by that assumption, be in his 80s.

The conclusion left Susanna to jokingly admit, "Great, I'm looking for love!"

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