Susanna Reid makes heartbreaking announcement as she quits social media

"I'm finally at breaking point"

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Susanna Reid revealed she is quitting social media following relentless abuse from online trolls.

The Good Morning Britain host made the confession in a recent statement, recalling how the bullying from strangers on the internet had left her at “breaking point”.

Sharing some of the nasty torments she has received on social media as a result of her career in the telly spotlight, the mum-of-three, said, “I am informed I am too fat, too thin, too old and too stupid. Spoilt, narcissistic and attention-seeking are common insults, although honestly no one on TV is going to be offended by the accusation that they seek attention. We’re hardly shrinking violets.”

The presenter and journalist made the heartbreaking admission in her most recent Daily Mail column, insisting that while her exposure to trolling has given her some level of resistance, she’s had enough.

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“The c-word — which often pops up — is never pleasant to read, but I’ve learned to ignore it. However, there are times when even thick skin gets thinner. I’m finally at breaking point, and I’m taking a step back from all the nastiness.”

The chat show star, who appears alongside the feisty Piers Morgan on week day mornings, detailed how she had received backlash recently for coming forward on social media to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

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“I was told to ‘shut up’ and ‘get in your kennel’,” she wrote.

“I happened to check my phone when I was making lunch for the kids, and the tirade of sexist insults made my stomach lurch. I thought: ‘Why do I do this to myself?’

“Social media has become a dark place, and the sites need to clean up their act if they want people to keep using them. No one should be scared into silence by the trolls.”

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