Susanna Reid reveals the secret behind her 'TV marriage' to Piers Morgan

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Good Morning Britain host, Susanna Reid, has revealed it is "arguments" that make her "TV marriage" to Piers Morgan work.

The pair are celebrating their fifth anniversary of hosting Good Morning together and Susanna, 49, has opened up about their relationship in honour of the milestone.

Writing in her Daily Mail column, Susanna said, "I am in a relationship that is constantly compared to a marriage — with Piers Morgan. Piers calls me his ‘TV wife’, and this year we celebrate our fifth anniversary together presenting Good Morning Britain."

While the pair regularly lock horns on screen thanks to Piers' often outspoken nature, Susanna revealed their arguments are the secret to their success.

"We’re one of those couples who fight, and it’s not just for the cameras. We often have rows in the editorial meeting that we continue on air," she explained.

"So Happy Anniversary to my ‘work husband’. In my search for what makes a relationship a success, I’ve found it is the arguments that are the key to ours."

Every morning Susanna receives heaps of sympathetic messages from viewers offering their condolences about the fact she has to sit next to Piers again at work.

And it’s no real surprise as, in her own words Susanna has previously described Piers as "insufferable, opinionated" and "domineering" thanks to his controversial outbursts. Yet off air the pair are "good friends".

Although Susanna calls their chemistry "dynamite dynamic," the mum-of-three admitted she can feel exhausted by the time she gets home.

"Truth be told, by the time I get home, I feel like I’ve been through the wringer."

With Piers known as one of the most opinionated people on TV - not to mention the fact he enjoys "happily arguing with strangers on Twitter" - Susanna added that she was shocked to hear he never argues with his wife, Celia Walden.

She said, "He said he could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times he and his wife have had a serious row in the ten years they have been married. ‘I spend all day shouting at people, so I get home and can’t be bothered,’ he said.

"His home marriage and work marriage are incomparable."

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