Sheila Hancock says she's 'sick of being called vulnerable' after dementia scare

Dame Sheila opened up about the pandemic

Sheila Hancock
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Sheila Hancock has opened up about being labelled 'vulnerable' throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The actress confessed she receives letters from the government warning her that she's extremely vulnerable and she's tired of being reminded of her age.

The dame, 87, said on Loose Women: "I keep getting letters from someone - who people think is my son, Matt Hancock - saying I'm extremely vulnerable and I'm sick of it.

She added: "I am absolutely not extremely vulnerable. I'm surviving."

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She added: "I think everyone is extremely vulnerable at some stage - it's a part of life - you just get over it and move on."

Though she confessed she has struggled a little over the past six months, admitting: "I've certainly aged hugely the last six months. I can feel that physically and mentally."

Last month, Dame Sheila opened up about a terrifying dementia scare, revealing she had trouble remembering people’s names during a long day of filming.

She explained: “People in my business do call people ‘darling’ a lot, I’m afraid.

"Not being able to remember anything and your brain panicking and trying to find the words. It was terrifying."

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