Sex and the City fans demand Patricia Field return as costume designer after Carrie steps out in bicycle pants

Sex and the City fans have begged Patricia Field to join the reboot, And Just Like That, as costume designer

Sex and the City fans demand Patricia Field return as costume designer after Carrie steps out in bicycle pants
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Sex and the City fans are urging its producers to bring back Patricia Field, the show's original costume designer, following the release of controversial photos from the upcoming reboot. 

And Just Like That, the reboot of the hit HBO TV series, is currently being filmed in New York City, much to the delight of locals and tourists alike. 

Its iconic cast—sans the beloved Kim Cattrall—has already been spotted multiple times on the Big Apple’s streets, giving fans an exciting sneak peek into the revival’s highly-anticipated storylines. 

From Samantha’s suspected funeral video to Natasha’s juicy return, it looks like there won’t be any shortage of drama in the lives of the Manhattan clique after nearly twelve years off the screen. Unfortunately, there is one area the revamped series seems to be lacking in—style. 

With production taking place in public locations, viewers have been bagged a front-row ticket to the characters’ eclectic ensembles—but it looks like they might now be asking for a refund. 

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Carrie's fashion in the Sex and the City reboot has not impressed fans 

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Carrie’s fashion in the Sex and the City reboot has had fans worried for some time now, with some even fearing that she’s lost her signature style in her older age. Photos of the romance writer wearing a Forever 21 gown last month caused particular outrage, prompting many viewers to criticize the show’s costume designers for failing to dress the designer-crazy character accurately. 

In light of another questionable outfit this week—see below if you dare—fans are now demanding Carrie’s stylist be replaced by the original Sex and the City wardrobe wizard, Patricia Field. 


Patricia Field was the original costume designer on Sex and the City 

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“Patricia Field.... please come back!!! 😭” one devastated person wrote. 

“The old stylist .. was the best!” another commented. 

Others gave the new costume designers the benefit of the doubt, suggesting that the mismatched outfits may reflect Carrie’s plotlines in the reboot. 

“I’m praying that once I see the new series I will understand #carrie fashion choices. Because 😳🤦‍♀️," one fan commented. 

In the latest preview of Carrie’s fashion, Sarah Jessica Parker can be seen wearing a tilted black cap, a fitted black-and-cream polka-dot blouse, and—wait for it—a pair of bicycle-patterned blue and red pants. If that wasn’t enough to catch your attention, she’s also rocking drop earrings and a layered necklace combo of a gold chain under a heavy stone piece. 

This experimental outfit comes just a week after she alarmed onlookers by recreating an original Sex and the City outfit with a long white tutu and striped, multi-colored top. The throwback ensemble didn’t impress fans, many of whom felt the articles of clothing clashed just that bit too much to be stylish. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look likely that Patricia Field will return to save the day. The Emmy-award-winning costume designer was reportedly invited back to work on the Sex and the City reboot, but was unable to sign onto the project due to scheduling conflicts with Emily in Paris Season Two. The role subsequently went to Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, who had both worked alongside Patricia on Sex and the City 2. 

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