September's Full Moon will ignite hidden desires and secret passions - prepare for the unexpected

All will be revealed during this intense and drama-filled time in September's Full Moon 2023. Especially for these signs...

September's Full Moon 2023
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After a chaotic Venus retrograde that was the hallmark astrological feature of Summer 2023, you might’ve thought the stars were granting us a moment’s reprieve to catch our collective breath from the relationship-rocking, headline-making, gossip-foddering news that this transit brought. 

But it seems like the stars are not quite finished having us consider – and reconsider – our relationships, likes, dislikes, allegiances, and alliances. At this moment, there is a keen emphasis on our relationships – and the divide between what we say we want and what we are willing (or not willing) to do to get it.

Remember that big revelations and secrets can be exposed during a Full Moon. It’s a time when what is hidden comes to light – and because this lunation is so focused on our commitments, it’s possible that secret affairs or romantic entanglements could play a big part in your Full Moon story. Mercury, the planet of communication, is opposing Neptune, the planet of illusions, further magnifying the probability that lies or half-truths will be exposed. 

Be vigilant and ensure that you are remaining impeccable with your word as the Moon in Aries will prompt us to react rashly or unleash pent-up frustration. Channel this energy more positively by avoiding contributing to the rumour mill, participating in unnecessary drama, and instead, staying true to your personal values and convictions.

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When is the Full Moon August 2023?

Mark your moon calendar of 2023 for Friday, 29 September 2023 at 10:57AM GMT. On Friday the Moon in Aries connects with the Sun in Libra to create a Full Moon, highlighting the two lovers in the sky, Mars and Venus. Venus is the planet that shows us what we desire. Mars is the planet that shows us how we go after that desire. When these factors work together, it’s fabulous. When there is discord or tension, drama tends to ensue. This Full Moon will reveal which of those dynamics the stars want us to focus on.

Here's how the Full Moon of September 2023 will affect you. Look at your sun or rising sign for the most accurate reading, based on your astrology birth chart.

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Full Moon August 2023 horoscope


This Full Moon in your first house of the self is revealing all the ways you need to trust your instincts more – without reacting recklessly or impulsively. Take time to reflect during this Full Moon on situations where you didn’t listen to your gut or second-guessed your own reactions. Perhaps for the sake of someone else’s feelings or not wanting to seem over-sensitive or dramatic. And then you turned out to be right. Recognize that it’s not coming from a place of control or even from reactivity – but from a desire to be true to you. Honour your feelings, Aries, and act in alignment from there. 


This Full Moon in your twelfth house of the subconscious is revealing all the ways you sell yourself short. You are stronger and more capable than you give yourself credit for, Taurus. And right now, it’s time to validate yourself and acknowledge how far you’ve come, even if you still have further to go to accomplish your dreams or goals. Forgiveness will be an important theme for you during this Aries Full Moon. Forgiving others who may have knowingly or unknowingly hurt you – and forgiving yourself for trusting them or even for ignoring your gut. It’s all part of the process. 


This Full Moon in your eleventh house of groups and networks is revealing which friendships have run their course – and which ones require your further commitment. Not every relationship we have is meant to last a lifetime, however unfortunate or sad that may initially seem. Some people enter our lives for a season only. It is incumbent on us to recognize when that friendship is no longer serving either party – and to allow it to go with grace. This Aries Moon is reminding you that people change and grow – and that you do, too. Wish them well, Gemini, and wish the same for yourself. 


 This Full Moon in your tenth house of career is revealing your need to expand. You’ve put in the work, and you’re done playing it small. You’re a team player, Cancer, but your self-effacing nature may be coming at a cost to your own personal sense of success. Accepting credit for a job well done isn’t making you a show-off or sell-out. In fact, not accepting accolades is more likely about selling yourself short. If you don’t become your own personal cheerleader and advocate, you may be making it harder for others to respond in kind. 


This Full Moon in your ninth house of spiritual expansion is inviting you to consider all the ways you can open your mind – and make your world bigger. Maybe you need more than a vacation right now – maybe you need a soul adventure. It’s not just about relaxing and eschewing your responsibilities – however nice that may sound. It’s more about releasing any need to be right and instead gain a new and fresh perspective. Holding on to outdated ways of thinking, believing, and doing may no longer be helping you be the person you’ve always wanted to be, Leo. Allow yourself to be transformed. 


This Full Moon in your eighth house of karmic debts is revealing how you may shield yourself from being vulnerable. But consider the idea of “imperfect care” – which may be initially uncomfortable for a perfection-oriented sign like you. The idea of imperfect care, Virgo, is that we are all here because someone took care of us and ensured we survived – even if that care wasn’t perfect. Having a go-it-alone or do-it-for-yourself mindset is admirable in some cases – but this Aries Full Moon is inviting you to consider where a drive for independence can complement the innate need for human connection and dependence.  


This Full Moon in your seventh house of partnership is revealing what you need to thrive in your relationships. Gone are the days – or they will be soon – of you putting your partner’s needs above your own. Harmony between two people is important, but that doesn’t mean the balance gets weighted all in the direction of one person. You are an equal part of this team. Libra, your attachment style matters just as much as the other person’s. Your desires, wants, goals, needs, and likes do, too. You’re not asking for too much. You may, in fact, not be demanding enough.

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This Full Moon in your sixth house of daily routines is revealing how you may need to slow down – and if not slow down, redirect your energy. It’s not a badge of honour to be overscheduled, overcommitted, and overworked. Feeling accomplished or maintaining a sense of control can help you combat the discomfort of constantly grinding, but is it coming at a personal cost to your physical, emotional, or mental health? Scorpio, it’s time to prioritize yourself and your needs – and trust others can do the same for themselves. Your health comes first. 


This Full Moon in your fifth house of creativity is revealing your desire to be more authentic in how you express yourself. Remember what you loved doing as a child? Was it painting, drawing, reading, writing, playing? That inner child still requires attention – and this Aries Full Moon is inviting you to explore that child-like part of yourself that needs to be nourished. Responsibilities to others are important – but don’t neglect your responsibility to yourself either. Make time for joy and excitement. Your soul is craving it right now, Sagittarius.


This Full Moon in your fourth house of home and family is revealing your connection with those closest to you – and where you can shore up your personal boundaries. As a Capricorn, you’re a doer. You’re the get-it-done sign of the zodiac and you often can tell when someone is going to make a mistake. But this Aries Full Moon is asking you to hold back on your instinct to fix – which may be coming off as more judgmental than you intend. Instead, focus on your own hopes and desires and remember that personal experience is a great teacher. Everyone makes mistakes – even you. 


This Full Moon in your third house of communication is revealing your need to speak and think for yourself. There’s no shame in finding yourself getting swept up in other people’s drama – we all do it. It’s natural to have a curiosity about other people’s stories. But this Aries Full Moon is pointing out how you may be fixating on other people to avoid having to do the work that you need to do. Aquarius, that work can be inner work; it might even be literal work. But now is the right time to shift your focus back towards yourself and your personal goals. 


This Full Moon in your second house of material possessions is revealing your inner need to have something for yourself, without self-shame or blame. Pisces, you’re naturally a generous sign, often putting the needs of other people before your own. This Aries Moon is reminding you, however, to make treating yourself the way you treat others your personal priority. Gift-giving is not about going tit-for-tat, but you are being called to recognize where there may be energetic or economic imbalances in your partnerships – and where you may need to give to yourself first as a result.

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