Sarah Jessica Parker teases hot new romance with Aidan as the couple kiss passionately in the street for And Just Like That

It looks like Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan Shaw are back together after Sarah Jessica Parker shared photos of them kissing

Sarah Jessica Parker teases Aidan and Carrie's romance with hot kissing scene
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Sex and the City fans, brace yourselves – Sarah Jessica Parker has hinted that Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan Shaw are officially back on. 

Sarah Jessica Parker has dropped possibly the most dramatic teaser for And Just Like That Season 2 yet, after sharing a shocking photo from behind the scenes of the HBO Max series. 

The Sex and the City star took to Instagram on Thursday to post a snap of Carrie Bradshaw kissing none other than Aidan Shaw – her on-screen character’s former fiancé. 

In the photo, the iconic TV couple can be seen sharing a passionate smooch on a New York City sidewalk against a backdrop of moving traffic. Carrie's fashion in the shot is uncharacteristically relaxed, with the newspaper columnist wearing grey sweats, minimal makeup, and no jewelry. (Whether or not she's wearing her iconic Manolo Blahniks remains uncertain). 

The shocking update comes just a few months after John Corbett’s return as the lovable Aidan was confirmed, much to the delight of the Emmy-award-winning show’s devout fanbase. Sarah Jessica’s latest post has only added more insight into what viewers can expect from And Just Like That Season 2, which commenced production in October 2022 after the success of its pilot reboot last year. 

“This. Is. Not. A. Drill.,” she captioned her Instagram post, which included two more snaps of Carrie and Aidan embracing amid the busy city nightlife. 

Photos of the couple kissing in a different scene from the same series, with Carrie dressed in a stylish yellow coat over a blueish-green dress, have also circulated online. 


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The 57-year-old’s preview of the upcoming season has sparked a frenzy of dialogue online, with many of the show’s famous fans taking to the comment section below to share their reactions. 

“NO WAYYYYYY,” wrote Gwnetyh Paltrow,  who welcomed Sarah Jessica Parker as a guest on her Goop podcast back in 2018. 

The US actress's astonishment was echoed by fellow Hollywood star Sophia Bush, who commented, “MY HEART MY HEART MY HEART!!” Adrienne Bailon of The Real also expressed her shock at the update, writing, “Omg my heart is so happy!” beneath the heartwarming carousel.

Sarah Jessica opened up about John Corbett's reprisal of his role as Aidan earlier this week, revealing that the 61-year-old "brings a lot of joy" to the set. 

"It's so nice. It's so happy," she told Extra, before adding, "He's a kind of preternaturally happy person and he's so excited to be back."

Corbett's return as Aidan comes after the sudden death of Carrie's husband, Mr. Big, in Season 1 of And Just Like That. Considered the 'nice guy' alternative to the New York businessman, Aidan was believed by many viewers to be better marriage material for Carrie. It remains to be seen just how the couple's romance will play out in the upcoming season, but one thing's for sure, it's bound to be juicy. 

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