Royal tailor on how the dramatic Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle bridesmaids saga actually went down

Turns out, the bridesmaids dress saga wasn’t as dramatic as Meghan and Harry claimed it was

Bridesmaids at Harry and Meghan's wedding
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The revelations connected to the release of Prince Harry’s new memoir Spare continue, this time involving royal tailor Ajay Mirpui, who went on the record to discuss what really happened with Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid's dress before Meghan Markle and Harry's wedding.

Although Harry and Meghan got married back in 2018 and have since left Buckingham Palace for life in Los Angeles, it seems like the public just can’t get enough of all news surrounding the blessed day.

Case in point: a new interview that luxury tailor Ajay Mirpui gave to the Daily Mail to discuss what exactly the drama was surrounding Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress just a few days before her uncle and aunt tied the knot.

Harry and Meghan's wedding

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As a reminder, the matter was recently discussed by Harry himself in his memoir Spare. In the book, Harry reveals that Kate texted her would-be sister-in-law four days before the wedding to let her know that her daughter Charlotte's dress "is too big, too long, too baggy. She cried when she tried it on at home." 

Meghan supposedly directed her to see the tailor who was "standing by" since 8am at Kensington Palace but Kate requested all bridesmaids dressed to be completely remade. 

At that point, according to the memoir, Meghan explained to Kate that she was under a lot of stress because of the celebrations and the saga with her father surrounding the big day. 

"I’m not sure what else to say," Meghan reportedly said. "If the dress doesn’t fit, then please take Charlotte to see Ajay. He’s been waiting all day.”

At that point, according to Spare, Kate responded, "Fine."

Harry also reveals that Kate stopped by to see Meghan the next day, bringing flowers alongside a card and apologizing for her behavior.

All’s well that ends well, right?

Well, now, Ajay himself is commenting on the whole ordeal, revealing that all six bridesmaids dresses were eventually fixed. 

"We had to work tooth and nail for four days, four of us working until 4am three nights in a row to make them fit," he said to the outlet. "We left Windsor Castle at 10 p.m. the night before the wedding. Did anyone on the day complain about the bridesmaids’ dresses and how they looked? The answer is no."

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and The Duchess of Sussex depart following their wedding

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As for the conversation between Kate and Meghan, Ajay noted that, "if anything happened in the background, it didn't happen in front of me." He went on to say, "But yes, weddings are stressful at the best of times - and especially one at this high level; you’ve got to respect that. They were faced with a problem like anyone gets at a wedding, with last-minute hitches. I can understand why anybody would be upset if the dresses weren’t fitting - it’s nerve-wracking."

In addition to Charlotte, the other bridesmaids were Harry’s goddaughters Florence van Cutsem and Zalie Warren, Meghan’s goddaughters Rylan and Remi Lit, and Ivy Mulroney, the daughter of Meghan's own pal Jessica Mulroney.

Given the way things are proceeding, we’re sure to hear from somebody else about the matter in the upcoming weeks. 

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