Phoebe Dynevor explains why she doesn't mind her parents seeing THOSE Bridgerton sex scenes

Phoebe Dynevor says why she doesn't care about her parents seeing outrageous Bridgerton sex scenes

Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe Dynevor is best known for her role on Bridgerton. The actor has discussed why she doesn't mind her parents seeing those steamy sex scenes for a pretty straight forward reason.

Phoebe Dynevor has opened up about the awkwardness of her parents seeing those scandalous Bridgerton sex scenes—except, she doesn't feel awkward at all.

For most people the idea of parents knowing about their sex lives (or god forbid the other way round) is a thing of nightmares. So no wonder most people would shudder at the thought of Phoebe's predicament, but because her mom is an actor and her dad is a TV writer—she knows it's all chill with them.

Discussing how it's all part and parcel of the job she said during an awards panel in January 2021, "Luckily they are in the industry so I guess they probably understand more than most." Adding, "I think they are really proud to see me work so hard on the show."

What many don't realize is Phoebe's mother Sally Dynevor is a very well-known actor in the UK's long-standing soap Coronation Street, where she's played Sally Webster for 30 years.

One shocked Instagram follower said, "when I realized who your mummy is it all made complete sense and at once I related to you/daphne - it was like the first few episodes I couldn’t quite put my finger on it and then ‘aha!" Adding, "you have her wonderful mannerisms and painful despair down to a tee, it was a joy to watch, even if at times I could just hear “kevin!” 😘👌🏾."

Sally previously spoke of her daughter's career, telling the Mirror, “Phoebe decided she wanted to act when she was 12 or 13. My mother-in-law said ‘You mustn’t dissuade her. Actors are the most wonderful people in the world and the most fun’."

And it looks like the rest is history!

Phoebe Dynevor

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Things have also been heating up for Phoebe off screen as she's been photographed with her new boyfriend Pete Davidson. The couple were spotted looking cute over the summer as their love continues to grow.

Pete, who was previously engaged to singer Ariana Grande is best known for his starring role on Saturday Night Live.

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