Netflix's Sex Life season 2 trailer has fans' jaws on the floor - but does Billie leave Cooper and get back with Brad?

Netflix's Sex/Life season 2 trailer has been released and fans are delighted by the erotic trailer that promises another raunchy season

Netflix's Sex/Life season 2 trailer
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Netflix's Sex/Life season 2 trailer was released on February 2, 2023, and fans were left with their jaws on the floor after seeing the raunchy series trailer.

When Netflix launched the series Sex/Life on June 25, 2021, viewers were obsessed with this raunchy drama and it stayed on Netflix's 'Top 10' in the UK and US since its release. Now, finally, after waiting for a year and a half, a second season is set to be released on the streaming platform.

Ahead of the release of season 2 on March 2, Netflix has released a new trailer and fans are shocked by the new twists and turns predicted by the series.

Does Billie leave Cooper and get back with Brad?

The trailer seems to show Billie and Brad having sex after the cliffhanger of season 1,  but does this mean they get back together? It's possible that this was still one of Billie's fantasies and she has just imagined this entire scenario.

In the trailer, Billie's voiceover says that she has woken up and has the desire to 'stop sleepwalking through [her] life' and 'stop trying to do the right thing.' This all seems to suggest that she is wanting to pursue a relationship with Brad and is going to stop trying to make her marriage work.

However, other shots show her having tender moments with Cooper as he holds her face and another shot shows a brown-haired woman jumping into bed with him - which could be Billie, or could it be someone else?

The trailer hints that Billie has left Cooper or is going to leave Cooper but who knows? With this delightfully shocking show that's filled with twists, anything could happen!


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How did Sex/Life season 2 end?

Netflix's Sex/Life ending left fans shocked to the core, but what actually happened? The series was first released over a year ago and many of us binge-watched it within the few days after its release, so perhaps we can be forgiven for not quite remembering exactly what took place. 

Here's a quick reminder about the ending of season 1 of Sex/Life in case you can't quite remember what happened...


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Throughout the series, Billie battles with her feelings for Brad as she fantasizes about their past relationship, but it stuck in a mundane life in her marriage to Cooper. Her situation becomes complicated when her husband, Cooper, discovers her diary on her laptop where she has been documenting her sexual fantasies about ex, Brad. 

After various sexual misadventures with her husband and a few disastrous run-ins with Brad, Billie decides that she needs to focus on her marriage and husband and ignore the 15% of her that is looking for the danger and passion that she shared with free-spirited Brad. In the last five minutes of the show, the writers leave the viewers on a cliffhanger, as Billie quite literally, runs back to her ex-boyfriend. 

Billie and Brad then stare at one another as she stands on his doorstep, announcing that she isn't separating from her husband and nothing has changed, but she wouldn't mind some action there and then. 

The series then abruptly ends—without Brad's full reaction. Although he smiled at the suggestion, it was unclear if the two then gave in to their passions, or whether this was in fact just another fantasy of Billie's.

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