Netflix's Bodies - Who are Hayden Harker and Jack Barber and why are they so important in the show?

Hayden Harker and Jack Barber are two characters in Netflix's Bodies with rather important roles - here's what you need to know about them

Hayden Harker and Jack Barber Netflix Bodies
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Netflix's Bodies has enthralled the nation but some want to know more about Hayden Harker and Jack Barber, the mysterious characters from different timelines in the show.

Bodies on Netflix is one of the best mind-bending shows of the autumn that has been delighting fans for weeks since its release on October 19. However, the frequent timeline jumping has confused some viewers who have been left slightly overwhelmed by the complex storylines that have been woven across four different periods of time. 

Some fans are wondering; what does 'Know You Are Loved' mean? And others are curious to find out if the show is based on a book (it is), and who Si Spencer from the show's tribute is. But these aren't the only questions bugging fans.

Recently some have been left scratching their heads and asking; who is Hayden Harker? And who is Jack Barber? And why are they relevant to the storyline in the show? Here's what you need to know...


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Who is Hayden Harker?


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In 1941, viewers are introduced briefly to Hayden Harker, the Police Chief who is played by Michael Shaeffer, and is Whiteman's boss. As the focus in this timeline is on Whiteman, Hayden Harker is a relatively minor character and Calloway, Whiteman and Esther seem to be the pivotal characters we need to pay attention to. 

However, in episode five, We Are One Another's Ghosts, it is revealed that the Police Chief is the son of the old woman's who poisoned Esther. And that old woman is Polly, Detective Inspector Hillinghead's daughter all grown up!

But how is this relevant to the main plot? Well, Polly is married Elias Mannix (aka Sir Julian Harker) and the pair had a son, Hayden. Hayden is pivotal to the time loop as he will ultimately be Elias's grandfather. That's right, he is both Elias's son and grandfather!

Who is DCI Jack Barber?


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Jack Barber (played by Michael Jibson) is first introduced in the 2023 timeline as DS Shahara Hasan's boss. He seems to be a relatively insignificant character in this timeline, until episode five when it is revealed that he is Elias's great-grandson - oh and his father!

When Shahara meets Elias's mother Sarah, she discovers the unbelievable truth that Sarah and Jack were the parents of Elias, and gave him up to social services as a child. Sarah reveals that Jack is a Harker but took his mother's surname professionally and went by Barber. 

Barber being the father of Elias completes the complicated time loop as Elias fathering Hayden who fathered Jack who fathered Elias (again). It's complex and we're not quite sure genetically accurate that someone can be their own great-great-grandfather, but that is how the time loop is created in the show.

For those who have finished the show and need the Bodies ending explained, we don't blame you! This is certainly one of the more complicated shows that Netflix has released - but also one of the best!

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