Miranda Series 4 Is Definitely In The Works


If you're anything like us, you'll have been gutted to lose BBC comedy Miranda from our TV screens two years ago. The loveable but scrappy character, played by Miranda Hart, was guaranteed to brighten up our evenings on the sofa and have us in fits of laughter all night.

During the finale of the second season in January 2015, which saw Miranda get married, the future of the hilarious programme was left uncertain. Miranda Hart admitted, "I don't know when and if I'll see you again."

The idea of a fourth series of Miranda was a key part of the discussion on last night's The One Show, where Miranda joined Alex Jones andAmol Rajanto discuss her new children's book.

Miranda admitted that Tom Ellis was the reason she has been thinking about another series of her much-loved sitcom.

She said, "The lovely Tom Ellis was saying... that he'd like to see Miranda and Gary married.Now he's got me thinking! There's a thought there, to explore the comedy of marriage. Particularly early-life marriage and how that would work. I'd quite like to see that."

Miranda added: "I'm thinking about it!" So it sounds pretty positive...

Rumours of a new series emerged this summer. It seemed as though a new series was more certain than ever as Miranda and Tom reportedly met to discuss the prospect.

At the time a source speaking to The Sun said, "Miranda and Tom are meeting in the next fortnight to discuss what a new series would look like and how they'd take on the story of her and Gary. This will be music to fans' ears." How exciting!

Tom has certainly been open about his enthusiasm for a new series. Even before his The One Show appearance, Tom toldBBC Radio 2, "We may be revisiting Miranda in the next couple of years."

He also spoke about how well the two of them get on, saying, "She is wonderful. I'm going to see her in the next few weeks."

In 2016, he admitted how he thought there was "more story to be told" for the newlywed couple.

And excitingly, he even hinted at what the future seasons might hold! He revealed, "I think with Miranda and Gary now married, and the potential for a family [is there]. So watch this space."

Given Miranda's earlier comments that it would definitely be possible to "do married life as a sitcom, with Miranda and Gary and see how they're getting on." It seems another series is now inevitable!

So could another season see mini Garys and Mirandas running around? We're definitely keeping our fingers crossed!

Amy Hunt

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