Mel B's daughter twins with her mom while recreating iconic Scary Spice looks

The Internet is going crazy over new videos showing Mel B's daughter donning some of Scary Spice's most legendary ensembles

Mel B
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You know what they say: like mother, like daughter.

Although we're not quite getting the Spice Girls reunion that we've been asking for years, Mel B's own daughter, 23-year-old ​​Phoenix Chi Gulzar just reminded us how iconic Scary Spice and her pals have always been.

In a series of new TikTok videos, Phoenix dresses up as her mom, specifically recreating three of Mel B's most legendary looks from the 1990s. Cue the nostalgia.


Loved this outfit from a photoshoot mum did in 1997 🌟

♬ Wannabe - Spice Girls

In one of the videos, Phoenix dons the multicolored pants and bra-like top that Mel B famously wore on the cover of the awesome 1997 album Spice Up Your Life.

She aptly captioned the clip, "Re created my mums outfit from the 90's! What do you guys think?"

In another upload, the proud daughter opts for the Say You'll Be There ensemble from the 1996 music video: leopard-print corset top with a black mini skirt and an instantly recognizable silver choker.

In a third and final video, Phoenix perfectly recreates the outfit that Scary Spice sported on the Spice World movie poster. Who can ever forget the metallic gold corset and low-waist pants that Mel B wore with the iconic space buns in her hair?


Re created my mums say you’ll be there photoshoot! What do you guys think?

♬ Say You'll Be There - Spice Girls

As totally expected given the importance of the Spice Girls within the cultural canon and the interest that folks still have in the girl band, fans quickly took to the social media platform to declare their joy and excitement at Phoenix’s recreations. 

"Thank you for these!!!," one follower wrote. "I am such a huge Spice Girls fan, these are healing my inner child!"

"I can't. This series is giving me everything, all that joy can bring, this I swear," someone else cleverly commented, clearly using lyrics from Say You'll Be There.

Yet another follower put all of our thoughts to words, writing, "I would love to see a video of [Mel B's] reaction to you recreating her looks!!!"


Loved this outfit from a photoshoot mum did in 1997 🌟

♬ Wannabe - Spice Girls

Speaking of Mel B's outfits, just a few months ago, Scary Spice surprised us all when she received her MBE award. In fact, Mel was "stark b*****k naked" under her dress when meeting Prince William.

Wearing a stunning red dress designed by her former bandmate Victoria Beckham, Mel revealed that Posh Spice even flew back from Miami so that she could personally handpick the outfits worn by Mel and her mother and then revealed why she decided to go nude underneath.

Mel B told The Sun that she was "stark, b****ck naked” underneath the beautiful gown and explained, "Victoria asked me, 'Will you wear nipple covers? I said, 'Why bother?'"

The star opted to go nude underneath this gorgeous look in order to prevent her underwear from showing through it. Talk about iconic fashion moments!

Although Phoenix’s recreation of her mom's ensembles has certainly tugged at our heartstrings, we can't help but hope that, one day, the Spice Girls will reunite in all of their glory, each one sporting her own legendary look and, hopefully, some new music. The world certainly needs it!

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