The real reason Mel B was 'stark b*****k naked' under her dress when meeting Prince William

Mel B was 'stark b*****k naked' under her dress when she received her MBE award from Prince William for this key reason

Mel B was 'stark b*****k naked'
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Mel B was 'stark b*****k naked' when she received her MBE from the Duke of Cambridge at an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace, she revealed.

Mel B looked stunning as she arrived at Buckingham Palace in a gorgeous red dress that was designed by her former bandmate, Victoria Beckham. 

Mel revealed that Victoria aka Posh Spice even flew back from Miami so that she could personally handpick the outfits worn by Mel and her mother and then revealed why she decided to go nude underneath. 

Mel B told The Sun that she was “stark, b****ck naked” underneath the stunning red dress and revealed, "Victoria asked me, ‘Will you wear nipple covers? I said, ‘Why bother?’"

The star opted to go nude underneath this stunning gown in order to prevent her underwear from showing through the gown. As the dress is 'cut from matte, bonded crepe' that would show any lumps and bumps caused by underwear underneath the dress.

Victoria Beckham took to Instagram to thank Mel for allowing her to dress her. "A true role model, it was such an honor to dress you and your mum. Mel is wearing the Fitted T-shirt Dress in Tomato Red, and iconic VB silhouette and colour. Her mum, Andrea wears a VB T-shirt Dress with a subtle off white check motif.”

Mel B

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While at this event, Mel revealed that she had another small hiccough when her MBE award was pinned to her chest. The star revealed, "When it came to the part where Prince William had to pin the MBE on, he asked for a female official to do it. I didn’t think I had that much cleavage on show!"

The star actually had a slit cut into her gown and the typical item from the Victoria Beckham line does not feature a slit across the chest to reveal a little bit of cleavage. Clearly, as the star was close friends with the designer she could make a few requests about the cut of the dress!

While at the investiture, Prince William and Mel B's 'mutual fangirling' delighted royal fans. Mel revealed, “William told me, ‘I’m so delighted that it’s me giving you this’ and he asked, ‘Will you get the Spice Girls back together?’. I told him I was having dinner with Victoria that evening and he said, ‘Oh good, I’ll work on David then’.”

Despite Mel's hilarious anecdotes about this event, the former Spice Girl was there because of her contributions to an incredibly important cause. Mel was a victim of domestic abuse for a number of years and since coming out of an abusive relationship she was able to speak about her own experiences and help other women in similar situations.

Mel revealed that she spoke about this at length with Prince William. "I think William thought I was receiving the MBE for being a Spice Girl, but I told him that it was for my work on domestic violence. He wanted to hear all about it," said the former Spice Girl.

“In fact, I felt guilty holding up the queue because we spent so long talking. I told him I had been in an abusive marriage for ten years, which I finally got out of by the skin of my teeth," she continued. “And then I wrote a book all about it and became a patron for Women’s Aid. I told him that when I wrote my autobiography, people were not really talking about things like coercive control, that it was a dark, taboo topic. I explained that I often visit a women’s refuge in Leeds near where I live."

The star concluded, "It was a really good conversation and a very special moment for me." 

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