Money saving expert Martin Lewis issues an urgent warning as Help to Buy deadline looms

He hopes to get the nation's attention for an important message

Martin Lewis

Consumer expert Martin Lewis was back on our screens yesterday evening, with the return of his ITV Money Show - but he had an urgent warning for viewers.

Martin Lewis warned there’s only a limited amount of time left for people to get their hands on a Help to Buy ISA.

So if you, or any of your relatives, are looking to buy for the first time it’s worth signing up for one before November 30.

On that date the Help To Buy ISA is set to be replaced by a Lifetime ISA, or LISA.

Martin Lewis said on his ITV show that you only need £1 to set up a Help to Buy ISA - then it will be ready for use whenever it's needed.

While the Lifetime ISA gives a bonus, there are certain restrictions that apply - which makes the Help To Buy ISA a better option for some.

A Help to Buy ISA gives a bonus payout of £250 for every £1,000.

The Help to Buy bonus can be used just three months after opening, compared to the Lifetime ISA, where individuals would have to wait a year.

There are also no penalties for withdrawing money from aHelp to Buy scheme, unlike the Lifetime ISA.

Martin Lewis has stressed for a number of years the benefits of the Help to Buy scheme.

Martin Lewis

He said, "This is an urgent warning for savers and time buyers - miss this and you could be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of free cash.

"The Help to Buy ISA was launched four years ago to help first time buyers hoping to buy a property. It's been a hot topic on our roadshow ever since.”

Martin Lewis says to open a Help to Buy ISA you need to be 16 or older and a first-time buyer - so it’s worth spreading to the word to anyone who might want to buy in future.

An individual can qualify even if they’re buying with someone who's owned before. If they are both first timers, they can have one each.

Lizzie Thomson is a regular contributor to woman&home, and also contributes to, Ideal Home, Culture Trip, and Evening Standard, covering all things lifestyle.