'Rude and dismissive': Lorraine Kelly reveals the worst celebrity she's ever interviewed

Lorraine Kelly has enjoyed a 30-year-long career in show business, working her way up to become one of the most well-known presenters in the UK.

So it's no surprise that in her long and successful career of chatting to the world's most famous faces, she's also come across some more unpleasant celebrities.

And in a new interview with Daily Mail's You magazine, the 58-year-old pulled no punches when revealing who her worst interviewee was.

She confessed that her worst ever interview was actually with US megastar Kevin Spacey. Lorraine Kelly had previously shared that she was looking forward to meeting him, as she loved his Netflix show, House of Cards.

But she admitted, "The worst was Kevin Spacey who was rude and dismissive not just to me, but to everybody in the room. He was entitled and I was disappointed in him."

Lorraine also revealed her thoughts that his recent coming out was mired by the sexual assault allegations around him at the time.


"When he later appeared to deflect sexual misconduct accusations by coming out as gay, that was cringeworthy and wrong." Oh dear...

Lorraine explained how, after years of experience, she can pick up, almost straight away, on how an interview will go.

She confessed, "In my experience, the larger the star’s entourage the bigger the pain in the bum they will be. If I’m doing an interview in a hotel I can tell as soon as the lift doors open how things will go.

"Hugh Jackman? Everyone’s having a laugh. Bruce Willis? They act like they’re at a funeral because he hates being there."

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In the interview, Lorraine also appeared to dismiss recent reports that she holds a £2.1 million contract with ITV.

She shared, "I always have to phone up my mum and tell her it’s not true because she’s of a generation that still believes everything they read."

However, she did confess that she'll never take her chosen career for granted - despite perhaps not earning as much as £2 million!

"Don’t get me wrong, television pays really well and I feel hugely privileged to be doing what I love; I’ve found my niche and I never take it for granted."

But sadly, it looks as though Lorraine won't be expanding her entertainment talents into the world of dancing anytime soon. She admitted during the chat that she'd never be tempted to take part in Strictly - as she feels wouldn't be any good.

Lorraine Kelly confessed, "No! I’d be awful. And not endearing awful or comical awful or national-treasure awful. Just awful awful. When I had Anton du Beke in the studio we stood up and he took me in his arms and said, ‘It’s like holding a tree.’ I went all Scottish and stiff."

We'd still love to see you on the dancefloor Lorraine!

Amy Hunt

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