Lorraine Kelly Reveals The One Regret She Has About Her Wedding Day

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When Lorraine Kelly, 58, walks into a room, it's impossible not to have a smile on your face. She bounces into our w&h magazine shoot with a warmth and energy that's infectious, despite having been up since 5am to present her ITV breakfast show.

Then she makes a request that reminds us that actually, she's just like us. "Would it be possible to get a flat white?", she asks in that familiar Scottish accent. Even the queen of breakfast TV needs her daily caffeine fix.

But there's a special reason Lorraine currently has a spring in her step; after three decades on the breakfast sofa, she's landed a coveted spot as co-host of BBC One's brand new Saturday night show, Wedding Day Winners.

Alongside comedian Rob Beckett, it's Lorraine's job to encourage the friends and families of two engaged couples to compete in a series of games, stunts and challenges, and to win them their dream honeymoon - all before they tie the knot in front of the nation. Now that's something to be excited about.

Lorraine lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband Steve Smith, a cameraman and photographer. They have a daughter, Rosie, 23.

Here she reveals all about her experience with the show, and her own big day...

One thing I do regret [about my own wedding day] is my choice of dress. The boys all looked fabulous in their kilts, then there was me in this ghastly number with big puffy sleeves. I remember going to a wedding fair with my best friend and I'm not kidding you, I tried on one in the sale and thought, "It fits, it's cheap and it's nice" - and I bought it there and then. Big mistake.


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In another interview, Lorraine also compared her dress to Princess Diana's famous creation for her wedding to Prince Charles. Lorraine admitted, "It was 1992 so it was kind of like a Princess Diana bouffant thing with big sleeves - oh God!"

The piece of advice I gave to every bride on the show was "Drink it all in" - that's something I didn't do enough of at my wedding. Steve and I had a real 'hand-knitted' affair at Mains Castle in Dundee (it sounds posh, but trust me it's not!). I made all the invitations and a local taxi company provided the cars. I walked down the aisle to Bonnie Dundee with 60 of our closest friends and family watching,and one of my best friends, Alan, sang Bette Midler's Wind Beneath my Wings for our first dance at the reception.

I knew Steve was 'the one' from the moment I first saw him. He walked into the TV-am office 28 years ago where I was working as a reporter and he was part of the crew, and I thought, "That'll do, I'm having that." We were friends for a good year, then it all happened rather quickly when we had to do a shoot on location at Glencoe. We were staying in a tiny hotel in the middle of nowhere and I got him incredibly drunk on tequila before making my move. The way I remember it is that I leapt on him like a ninja and he had absolutely no defence!

We're terrible at romantic gestures, but when we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last year, we decided to splash out for a change. Steve didn't get a ring when we got married because we hardly had any money back then, so I bought him one and he got me a gorgeous new engagement ring. The funny thing is though, if you ask me which ring I treasure the most, it's the original one that only cost about £150!

What's the secret to making it to 25 years? Don't give up! Marriage is like everything in life - you have to work at it and by that I mean you have to make sure you don't take each other for granted.

Steve and I are entering a new phase of our relationship right now. For years I've been travelling up and down from our home in Dundee, to London to do my show, and not only has it been exhausting, we've really missed each other. So we decided to move down to Buckinghamshire and we've finally got more time together.

Want to read the rest of Lorraine's interview with Woman & Home? Pick up your copy of the February issue of w&h, which is out now!

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