Lily Allen's carpeted bathroom leaves fans scratching their heads as flamboyant interiors featuring flamingos, florals, pink, chintz, and tiger print revealed in tour of her Brooklyn home

Lily Allen's Brooklyn home tour reveals an embroidery of sexually transmitted diseases, a carpeted bathroom, and a heck of a lot of print

David Harbour and Lily Allen attend as Anna Wintour hosts Special Screening of "Living" at Crosby Hotel on December 05, 2022 in New York City.
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Lily Allen's Brooklyn home tour, alongside her husband David Harbour, shows their flamboyant taste, adorable banter, and a few very unexpected surprises along the way.

The biggest interior paint color trends in 2023 might as well stay on the bench, because this stylish couple has gone hog wild with loud printed wallpaper in many rooms of their Brooklyn townhouse.

In an exclusive house tour with Architectural Digest dubbed, "Inside David Harbour and Lily Allen’s 'Weird and Wonderful' Brooklyn Town House," fans gained an insight into their lives. Far more was gleaned from this tour than their favorite tiles and color swatches, including Lily's strange way of staying hydrated.

Many of us struggle to stay hydrated at the best of times and the singer admitted, "I just hate drinking water." Since moving into her new home, a design feature has brought an unexpected benefit into her hydration levels - a hot water tap.

"I've found that having the hot water tap encourages me to drink - it is tea, but you know strictly speaking it is water." She explained, "I'm able to stay hydrated purely because of that tap, for the first time in my life. This house is really improving my health, my physical health."

The couple, who married in 2020, used the heart of the home - the kitchen - to open up about a super cute moment from their first date. David explained that on their very first date, Lily said she always wanted, "a plain English kitchen." Their kitchen is far from plain and emanates the kind of energy you'd want in such a space, which Lily describes as, "luxurious, warm, and functional."

As well as their stunning kitchen, the pair's super wild and extra interior tastes are delved into further in their garden room, which is laden with loud floral prints and sumptuous furnishings that absolutely scream Versailles elegance. 

Speaking of Versailles, one fairly controversial room in the tour actually features replicas of commodes of Versailles - which have been turned into his and hers sinks. The room in question, the bathroom, has a large bath, wallpaper, soft furnishings, a framed embroidery of sexually transmitted diseases no toilet, and a carpet. Yes, you heard that right, and many fans are stumped.

One fan tweeted, "Very few things scarier than carpet in the bathroom and not even Lily Allen is going to bring it back in vogue." Another added, "You know Lily Allen and her husband are unhinged bc they have carpet in their bathroom."

However, some fans are totally here for the opulence of it all, with one adding, "Obsessed w David Harbour and Lily Allen’s bizarro Brooklyn townhouse (this last pic is a bathroom w wall to wall carpet)."

The home's opulence is seen even further with walk in wardrobes to die for, chintzy AF bedroom furnishings, one room with a tiger print carpet and matching sofa, as well as a sauna AND plunge pool in the garden.

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