Leery - latest Wordle challenge leaves fans seriously perplexed

The New York Times' word of the day has prompted Wordle fans to say they're feeling 'leery' over the choice itself

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Wordle has players were both confused and amused by today’s word of the day - leery. While leery is indeed a legitimate member of the Oxford Dictionary, it’s not one we use too often in modern speech.

On September 7, the New York Times gave players a new challenge, as they were asked to solve the word 'leery’. 

Wordle fans took to social media yet again to discuss today's choice of word, poking fun at how the word made them feel a little ‘leery’, which means suspicious.

"Well, one always ought to be leery when doing wordle," wrote one fan.

While another said, "I was very leery that I would bomb out on this one (this is the 150 win in a row), but then I got over it and made it to 150."

A third wrote on Twitter, "Never used LEERY word before."

Wordle has been coming up with all sorts of hard-to-guess five-letter-words lately. Words such as tauntquartaphidtrite, and agape, are some of the most recent curveballs that have confused fans.

Leery meaning

So what does this divisive word actually mean? Leery is an old-fashion word that essentially means to be very cautious or wary due to realistic suspicions. An example of 'leery' in use could be, "a city leery of gang violence".

The Cambridge Dictionary describes 'leery' as, "not trusting someone or something and usually avoiding him, her, or it if possible." The example it gives of 'leery' in use, is, "I've always been a little leery of authority figures". Its synonyms are suspicious and wary.

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