Lauren Graham dishes on the 'resurgence' of Gilmore Girls in Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview

'No, no it's way more popular'

Lauren Graham
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Although Lauren Graham is busy promoting her role in the Mighty Ducks reboot on Disney+, to us, she'll always be Lorelai Gilmore, the fast-talking, coffee-obsessed mom from Gilmore Girls. 

Truthfully, we can't get enough of the mother-daughter series, and neither can fans. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Lauren's interview immediately began with questions about her iconic role rather than her latest. Jimmy pointed out that the show is almost as popular now as when it debuted.

"No, no, it's way more popular," Lauren quickly chimed in. "It wasn't that popular!" 

She noted that Gilmore Girls' competing time slot with Friends initially made the now cult-classic a slow go. But thanks to streaming services, a new generation of wannabe Rory bookworms have arrived, and the great debate—Dean, Jess, or Logan—presses on. (Clearly, the correct answer here is Jess in case there were any doubts.) 

"It keeps it alive for me," she said. "Different groups of people are finding it."

And channeling that classic Gilmore wit, she added, "I just don’t want to get to the age where I’m frightening to children, where they’re like, ‘Where’s Lorelai? What happened?'"

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Watch Lauren Graham's interview in full below

Could we expect another visit to the quaint and charming Stars Hollow? You never know! Lauren does have a contract clause that will allow her to transition back to her famous character, should—dare we say—another revival is in the works. 

"I don’t want to start any new rumors — it’s not for any concrete reason," she told fans during an interview with Sirius XM

Well, Lauren, we'll just be sitting here waiting patiently with a large cup of coffee, or perhaps an I.V. of coffee, with a shot of cynicism until that moment arrives.

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