Kin season 2 ending explained and will there be a season 3?

The second season of the Irish crime drama has dropped on Netflix

Charlie Cox in Kin
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As season two of Kin is now available to stream on Netflix, viewers are rewatching that shocking ending and are curious about what is in store the Kinsellas.

For those that haven’t watched the Irish series, it delves into the murky criminal underworld and drug trafficking.

Originally airing on RTE and BBC One, Kin follows the Kinsella family as they fight for control of the city.

As a violent gang war erupts, it’s a taut watch as the clan struggle for power against a brutal cartel.

Having defeated Eamon Cunningham (Ciarán Hinds) in the first series, they now face an even greater adversary: one of their own.

Now available on Netflix, the second series is a must-watch with an ending that left fans reeling.

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How does season 2 of Kin end? 

The second season of Kin opens with former patriarch, Bren (Francis Magee), as he is released from prison and set on regaining control over the Kinsella family.

With his unwelcome return threatening to disrupt everything, with Bren turns against his sons Michael (Charlie Cox) and Jimmy (Emmett J Scanlan) and struggles for dominance.

It’s only when he turns his attention to his grandchildren though, that things truly escalate.

The cast of Kin

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Hoping to turn Anthony (Mark Mckenna Jr.) into the next head of the family, Bren teaches him how to fire a gun and the importance of exacting revenge.

Disturbingly, he also begins to lavishing his granddaughter Anna (Hannah Adeogun) with attention and expensive gifts.

This culminates in a chilling dance between the pair, which left viewers horrified when it first aired.

Having learnt just what their father is capable of and under increasing pressure from a Turkish gang, Jimmy and Michael decide to eliminate him.

As they arrive to kill their Bren though, they find their uncle Frank (Game of Thrones’ Aidan Gillen) standing over his body.

Frank, who had struggled with drug abuse throughout his life, reveals why he took revenge on his brother - who introduced him to a life of vice and pain.

Before Jimmy and Michael can convince him otherwise though, he turns the gun on himself.

After the loss of two of the family’s patriarchs, the Kinsella family look set for more turmoil in future seasons.

Charlie Cox in Kin

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Will there be a third season of Kin?

While Kin season 2 had viewers at the edge of their seats, it’s unclear whether the show will return for a third season.

Rumours about the cast’s contract not being renewed and their increasing hectic schedules have left fans concerned about the show’s future.

However, actor Emmett J Scanlan has assured them that the cast are keen to continue with the series.

He told the Radio Times, "We're all hopeful that we get to continue the story or maybe even finish the story. It’s been an extraordinary ride.

"We came very close while shooting it. And I said I'd love to go back and do it, to be able to get on set and to tell stories, really, really well thought-out, visceral, layered stories like that, to be able to bring those characters to life, is only made possible through the team that's around you."

Sadly, we possibly won’t have a third season until at least 2025 as lead actor Charlie Cox has signed on for Daredevil: Born Again.

Thankfully, fans can indulge in the first two seasons until then.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Kin are available to stream on Netflix now.

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