‘It Makes Me Really Angry': Jennifer Saunders Reveals Her Unusual Pet Hate In Hilarious Rant

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We've all got things that rub us up the wrong way - but eating a lovely meal out in a nice restaurant usually isn't one of them.

But for Jennifer Saunders, eating at a restaurant comes with one particular annoyance that she'd rather avoid.

The 59-year-old was speaking at a ‘In Conversation With' event with Standard Issue, where she revealed the thing that most annoys her in an eatery, in a hilarious, tounge-in-cheek rant.

The star shared that she can't stand over-attentive waiters - often wishing that they'd leave her alone.

She confessed, "What makes me really angry is people asking if you are alright. Like in a restaurant

"They say ‘Are you alright?' and I think ‘I hate you. If it was not f***ing alright I would have told you.' Leave me alone. Just leave me alone."

The French and Saunders star continued, confessing that one particular habit that frustrates her is waiters coming up to refill her drink.

Jennifer said, "I am like "Don't come over. Don't fill up my wine glass. I will do it. More often than you would. Just leave me alone."

She also went on to describe another particular annoyance of hers, at supermarket tills.

In a tounge-in-cheek comment, she shared, "I was at a till the other day. I managed to buy something and she went ‘Successful day?' What do you mean ‘Successful day?' It's mindless. We like to be grumpy shoppers."

However, while she'll often be left irritated by these kind of everyday exchanges, Jennifer has previously admitted that she'd never actually engage in an argument with a member of staff.

Speaking to The Guardian, she confessed, "I don't actually have many rows.

"I'm a walk-a-wayer. If someone brings me a really crap meal in a restaurant I will tell them it's wonderful and then just never go to the restaurant again.

"I think that's the best way to do it generally, rather than sit and fight and annoy your head. Just pretend to enjoy it and then leave."

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